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 goljan!! whether to study or not?  

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goljan!! whether to study or not? this a extremely important question which has hampered my studies though i m trying to do it............... but soo many ppl around who gave steps recently and got good scores 250+ have suggested me not to.... since according to them :

1. it takes a lot of time
2. very little retention, audio are great but its the RR book i m talkin about
3. First aid patho covers most of what you suppose to know, and u can do it with brs or kaplan path....

i know some ppl might say that its worth doing but honestly what the point of doing something u aint gona retain for d xam...

please help, or guide how i should improve retention and speed for goljan if u think its extremely essentiall. thanks

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i hope someone would reply soon.... or at least everyone oshould share their thoughts and experience..... grin thanks


if you have some time

review the chapter from the FA and then cram over goljan for the same chapter

it is really helpful

other wise if you have less time

do the audios together with the audio notes

that are worth it

but dont study goljan as a book from end to end

good luck


thanks abdo for the reply.



well there is no doubt Goljan RR the print 3rd edition is the best, If you can do it end to end nothing like it. The advantage of goljan is he integrates all the step 1 stuff so u can reason better while dealing with a question. The draw backs are it is time consuming and revisions would not be quick. But if u aim for a 99 worth doing it.

The kaplan patho is very precise and u need to know every line of it . How  each text would help you understand the subject and solve the questions is something you should figure out. So If your good in your basic  patho stuff  from medical school then Kaplan is good but if your starting from scratch Goljan would help you understand the subject with better reasoning.

well I have started goljan RR it is very difficult to move quickly from one page to another, I dont know if i would last till the last page before switching to kaplan patho.

As you have requested it would be a good gesture if people who have done goljan and step 1 to pour in their reviews and other set of people who have done kaplan patho only to give their views and how which resource helped them score better in step 1 usmle.

How ever this debate of to read Goljan or not has been going on for a long time.


Edited by drkarthikm on Nov 18, 2012 - 10:51 PM


if u want to do goljan book do it with a sp,

u will be able to do atleast 30 pages in 2 to 3hr


if u r interested to know my experience so far,,,,i browse through Dr golijan the basic part 2 mns was good although it didnt rack my brains so not stuck in the first's been a month that i started to study full time for the step one,,,,after finishing bioch,pharma and gen's i'm having more fun with dr goli jan,,,,of course this time caz i wanna be more organized in my time table i only decided to go over the audio files and notes....i think that would be enough...
So in brief:
my plan for path is
1- Dr golijan Audio + notes
2- FA path
3- Dr golijan Slides and INTERNET SLIDEs
4- 100 pages Which i think is a must as far as ive heard
i think its even more than needed for 250 in this exam:P agree?


hi, im online on skype at 19:30 - 20:30 GMT - for introductory video call - Arnanash_2nd ; to see if we could be good sp , specially for tests,FA review an path...goal : 250wink - skype id : arnanash_2nd

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