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Are we allowed to take the original sheet that is given to us from the first encounter to the later encounters? or do we have to hand that in and get a new one for every encounter? I ask this because I am thinking of writing the questions that I need to ask on the first sheet and save time after that.


noshaking head they will give u at the begining a clipboard with 12 sheets and will take it after each encounter,so each encounter ull end up with a new one that u have to hand it back after u finish typing .
try to write only the name and age before u enter the room and ur LIQORAA PAMHUGSFOSS.. OR WHATEVER mneumonics u use take few second in front of the door to organize ur sheet and toughts .don t worry if u re the last one to enterthe room well it happened to me a lot but it s worth every sec i end up with a high performance in this part .
i hope it ll help


Absolutely agree with oraga, you have to handover the answer sheets of each encounter, and cant have two encounter sheets at the same time...


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