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 Please advice me for residency  

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Dear fellows, 

Those are my credentials:

1. GPA=85%

2. Year of graduation: 2006

3. 3 years of research as a research fellow.

4. one peer-reviewed paper in cell biology (PNAS)

5. Five Abstracts on neurobiology and neurology.

6. Step 1=207/78

7. Step 2 CK: pending to present.

8. Step 2 CS: passed in the second attempt.

9. LORs: one from my former supervisor at Harvard; he is a neurologist-psychiatrist.

                 one from another supervisor at Cornell: he is neurologist.

                 one from the dean of internal medicine at my alma mater

10. USCE: 2 months in NYU in anesthesiology, 4 months in McGill in Internal medicine

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you for your time.



This looks good!
Wish you big scores at step 2!


I am worried about my date of graduation.



Try and score higher in your subsequent steps. They will be decisive. WHy worry about something u cant change. 2006 isnt that far and also with all the research and rotations...PDs are OK with that( unless u spent the last 6 years touring the world and doing nothing).

What are u applying for Neuro or IM?

U have a good profile. Do well in the rest of the USMLEs

On Jul 01, 2012 - 11:32 AM, Fer responded:
thanks for your kind comments.

I will do my best in the CK and Step 3. 

I don't have yet a list for applying. Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards, 


hi truemania,

worried because is 5 years since. I have not traveling at all. I am actually a very hard working person. I come from a very humble family.

I will apply to both, IM and Neuro





U cant go back in time and change your graduation Most atimes if u were doing something academic...they wont care so much about the graduation date. A PD will be more impressed with your abstracts, publication, LORs from harvard and Cornell, and USCE from McGill and NYU than worry about your graduation date. U have the right balance. U just need to higher in the steps so that you are not screened out by filters


Hi everyone,
I am a 2003 grad, with scores of step 1-80 second attempt/ step 2 CK-81 first attempt, CS pass first attempt, step 3-77 third attempt, 4 yrs of work experience in India, about 4 yrs of USCE which includes research, observership and externship in a private practice in Los Angeles. I applied for 3 consecutive years in FM but still didn't get any IVs from anywhere in US. I was hoping IV from the hospital I was working with. One was highly competitive and with the other, the reason was my lack of having a PTAL in CA. I am living in a different state now. Will again apply this yr in Phoenix. This yr is different as I have a GC now. I feel scared and disappointed.
Any inputs would be highly appreciated.


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