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 Chances for residency??  

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Usmle step 1- 213/90 step 2- 197/76 , CS to go. No USCE, IMG-yes. GC-Yes.

Do i have chances?
In which specialty i will be eligible to apply and do i have chances??
plz help me. my mood is getting so low..


To be honest, if you don't have a GC it would be completely different but in your case I think you can ace it by a wide application to multiple specialties. If I was in your shoes I would consider applying to IM, FM and even psych if you like. Keep your hopes and mood up, don't listen to any discouragement on the net. Do apply to the IMG friendly programs, email me if you want the links to these lists.

On Jun 21, 2012 - 11:47 AM, Emma. responded:


Thank you! Amiloride for such a supporting comment.
I wish i will get FM as i'm much interested in it. Its tough, though.
As i had seen 197=80 in some cases of step 2 ck. i don't understand why they still post this 2 digit score.

Thank you once again. I appreciate your other posts too.



The two digits pride does not count anymore. I have friend who scored 207 and got 88. In scored the same on February and my 2-digits score was 78. The programs do not care on it since the 2-digits thing is really based on how did you do in the moment you took the exam compared to other competitors that period (4 weeks, guess). Therefore, do not panic. Take it easy. Just apply and see.




Thank you Fer..


Can I also have the IMG friendly lists, please. I am feeling very low, have an attempt on CS, graduated 4 years ago, hardly any clinical experience.


appply to IM, Pedes and Psych. Use contacts if u have any.


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Only apply to Psych if interested in Psych.

With FM, you'll need USCE. Since you have a GC, you'll have no excuse to progs as to why you have NO USCE, thats unacceptable, even if its just from a private clinic.

Most FM progs want at least 6mths USCE. 

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