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 hopefully this is goodbye usmle!!  

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so sat. and today I took step 3! this was a second attempt. failed first time with a 74! I felt the exam was a lot better for me this time around and I wanted to advise some people that may have encountered the same issues.
#1 first time I was disorganized in my prep, only did uworld mcq and ccs literally a day before eaxm. big mistake! this is not a "#2 pencil exam"! i felt in the end that world helped but only in conjunction with other reading.
i dont know my score of course but I felt a lot more confident during the exam. this time around i redid 50% of uworld but also did kaplan q bank and ccs from usmle world. Also VERY KEY, extremely key..master the boards!! read it and used it towards the end to review quickly.
#2 mistake that I made was waiting too long before retaking it. if you fail just marginally, dont get defeated like I did, pick up MTB and a qbank, buckle down for 2-3 weeks and take the exam.
i probably shouldnt say more as i dont even know my score yet, i really just need a pass since im done with residency but Im anxious to see my score!
#3 while prepping I was annoyed that nobody posted anything about the new format of the test, so I vowed that I would. The drug abstracts are rather long and there was more epidimiolgy i felt, i had reviwed Kaplan epidimiology from step 3 notes that someone gave me and that helped with the drug ads as well. Theyre not so hard is you review but do take a lot of time. careful not to waste time on it and miss out on other questions you'd get correct.
As far as CCS, there were 12 cases. 20 mt and 10 mt, almost every case ended for me b/w 7-10mts!! (hopefully not a bad thing). The case topics were extremely common scenarios that were very easy to recognize and treat. just have a systematic approach. CCS from USMLE world is a good practice. I didnt feel like others that cases repeated but it was still very helpful. Actually some ccs cases from usmle world were very helpful to in answering some MCQ's.
#4 I really thought that MTB and kaplan qbank together were very key! bc they reinforce each other.
#5 get a good night sleep the night before. first time I slept about 3-4 hrs before (baby at home). This time I stayed elsewhere to get my sleep, it made a big difference.
Well I hope this helps someone.
Ill come back to say how I did. Hopefully this will be the last of the USMLE's.
be happy to answer any questions.


btw i meant that first time I did all of world, scored 58% avg. only the ccs i did a day before. i was sure this avg was high enough for passing!
this time kaplan qbank avg. timed unused was %58 and rediong world was about 65%


hey secondz

wish you good luck for the scores

do you have a copy of the epidemio notes you have mentioned in your post?



buddy will u throw light on ccs it doable and is uw enough




CCS is more than doable! I had very basic topics. Uw in conjunction w thorough understanding as u review mcq's is more than enough. I felt confident but really I don't know how I did yet, when I get my results I can say more ( I hope)


Doc 4382 I don't have a copy of the epi notes, I used a friend's


I did UWSA  4 days ago I got 232/570, my exam in 4 weeks,  but i really don't feel that I stusy enough  still not yet review the some tpoics like OBsGYN psychiatry and biostastics

can I go for the exam with the score?


Got score!!
Pass, Yey!!!

204/78 ( not high but just needed to passsmiling face



U r dun...amazing!

Best of luck


Congratulation.. smiling face
I am waiting for my score, it is supposed to be today.
what time do the results show up?

I am anxious.. confused


mine came wed evening about 8-9pm even though i thought it would only show up at midnight!


Waiting to get the score of step 3, i took it on 26-27th of June, does anyone have any idea how long it will take waiting? First day was hard, the second day was easy , i could finish 7 min in advace each block the second day. My Heavenly Father has given me his peace and next day i was accepted for an externship in internal medicine, great experience having one of Harvard physicians as my supervisor. He has promised to refer me to one of his friends in the University hospital as soon as i finish the externship and ask me to be involved in mobile clinic for street people. After step 3 this is great experience.
I am so thankful to GOD!


I got my score report today: 225/84 smiling face Gratful to my Heavely Father who made me wait in his perfect peace!

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