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 I will get 269 :)  

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Hi, did you used online Kaplan q banks or offline?

On May 27, 2013 - 9:45 PM, igot269 responded:
I did all the qbaks online. Kaplan and UW. Did some NBME online ans some offline.

Good luck wink


Hi dear friends, thank you so much for all of you smiling face

I was out of town, so there were no internet connection, i will try to reply one by one smiling face


Welcome back .

So far skype as I know only send file when both on line at the same time even the message .
Message pending mean both not on line at the same time or the connection , latter is more possible when say pending .

Will b on skype most of the time to catch u .

Looking forward to c u post for next step in this same journal here wink

Have a good time Sis .nod


Congratulations...I am so happy for you.wish you the best.
Good luck


igot269....thankyou sooooooo much!! I just read the reply you gave for my questions..great..would you mind if I copy and paste it in my journal..please : )

keep this number will..get it .. at step 2...optimistic mom : )

yes..add me too at skype....along with shwe..I may need to ping you if I need to ask any...thanks again..and God bless with the magic number again!!

On Jun 06, 2013 - 8:35 AM, igot269 responded:
of course dear smiling face I am so glad that it helped...

Good luck~


Dear Shwe, sorry that I disappeared sad

I am going out of town a lot, and being busy with lots of duties.... Not logging on lately....Sadly not studying at all too..... Will back with full of energy soon smiling face


Glad to know u have traveling .
c u back soon , time flies .

re CS try to listen own CS read at least discipline or what I did is even in town long drive I practice on hubby driving ... some time practice self but he was used to the cases, words so he correct my minor mistake ... these all on 20 to an hr road trip in city sticking out tongue

Have a great summer sisnod


Hello peers smiling face

I am going insane and feels like I never gave USMLE lol.... I feel sorry for myself for taking too long break between my steps. I feel like I am forgetting many things I learned sad

My lil one is with me everyday and I am giving my time to her and my family all day everyday... 

I have one more month left to go back to the States, but I am now worried about my exam. I am planning to open a journal on step 2 journal section and will do the same updates everyday. I decided to finish CK beforehand. Then CS would be easier since I have some time now.

I am planning to use :

Kaplan LN + Video

MTB 2&3

UW qbank

I am not planning to use so many materials. But knowing few good source very well would help, in my opinion.

Is there any suggestion for me? I know some of you have already done with CK right ? So any suggestion would be appreciated smiling face


Thank you and Good luck everyone 

Cheeeeers nod


Welcome back or welcome back soon .

ur CK ... my frds did already use same since not much in CK resources.
On top of that some add kap QB .

Looking forward to see u here & on skype to continue our unfinished chat, tasks wink
GL to me, us , all nodcoolnod


Dear Sis,

Congratulations,Good luck for your prep for step 2ck,

You did great and balanced everything.Keep goingsmiling face


I am baaaaaaaack smiling face

I had loots of work back home, so I couldn't come earlier. Now I am completely off duty and back to US. 

I am preparing for my CK first. I give a 4 months period to prepare, my deadline is end of this year. By Xmas, I should be done with CK! 

Now I have to study with my daughter again.... She is 2y.o now, so easier but less nap time during days. I am looking for a day care, and we are on a waiting list of many place,so hopefully we will be accepted by one of them soon.... 

I will be studying 2 hours during her afternoon nap & 2-3 hours in the night time. So probably 5 hours a day, 5 days a week (weekend is impossible except night time)

I'm collecting my books, some will arrive on Monday. So i will start on Monday smiling face 

I am so excited to be back..... I will have the speed I had before and beat this exam and be done soooooooooon........ I will surely get 269 this time smiling face

cheers & thank you God for giving me this opportunity to complete my dream grin


Good luck dear friend.Glad to see you and we missed your enthusiastic journal these days


On Aug 28, 2013 - 2:13 PM, igot269 responded:
Thank you my friend smiling face I will be posting everyday very soon nodgrin


Welcome back, CS is not a quick exm study wise or book get the date wise... so b sure also get the date for it too as per ur eras date u'll like b in wink

Chat w/ u on skype now & then nod

On Aug 28, 2013 - 2:16 PM, igot269 responded:
HI sis, pls add me as doc_soni on skype, my other one is not working anymore!


ur skype must be wrong , cannot find only doc-soni , no doc_soni . pl add me so i will accept u .
re CS i never watch kap video but was taking live & read kap , FA intro so ...may b same . no idea re .

On Aug 28, 2013 - 10:26 PM, igot269 responded:
Yes sis, I know I should do FA for CS, but as I mentioned above, I am taking CK first wink So Kaplan video, LN & MTB 2,3 nod

About the skype, its soni.doc9 I confused with something else, sorry grin


Hey hey I am starting today for real.... cool

I opened a journal at CK journal section

I Love medicine & Happy studying nod


Hi I am here to give some motivation to everyone who is struggling or some friends I already know from the forum.

My update is: I took my CK on April 2014 and got 234, not 269. But I did it and completed it without postponing it. And gave my CS on June 2014 (I didn't have a date at first, but I used chack4change from Mozilla Firefox and got a date) and passed on my first attempt.

In the meantime I managed to find observership and had 4 mo of USCE (it was not everyday, 2-3 times/week at most, but the attending allowed me to write it as full time), got 3 strong LOR from US physicians, nothing from my home country. Got my ECFMG certificate just by September and applied on September 16th. (Because ERAS crashed this year on September 15th)

Got my first IV on late October, got 4 IV's in total, here and there ( I applied to 120+ categorical IM programs)

And....... its not whole bunch of Interview but guess what??? Yesterday I found out that I am matched!!!!!!!!

My background is: I was a working mom with 1 yo daughter when I first started, then had lots of changes and struggles in between. Decided to give up and packed all my books and have put them away for a while, then decided to go for it again. There were lots of ups and down days, lots of sleepless nights, tears, the day seemed so dark and the end of the tunnel seemed too far and even couldn't see that at first. Also, tot be honest, occasionally it seemed too unrealistic for me to complete ( I had huge language barrier).

But, I learned my lesson.
It was worth in the end to "live a non-human being life" for a long time....

My advice is:
For any of you, who is not really sure about whether or not fight for it, just make a decision right now and go for it. Don't waste any of your precious time!!!!!

If you decided to go through this, just forget everything and just live within this "beast", think about it everyday and night....... and complete the steps as soon as possible.
Also, be nice with people you know or people you meet, you will never know who you can meet in the elevator and who can give you enormous opportunities. And don't afraid to ask anyone to help.

And most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Imagine that you are having the best score you are wishing-- imagine how you will act. Imagine that you are getting an opportunity to do observership in a university setting, imagine as if you already have those.... and imagine, you are matched and imagine how you will act if you really are matched. It might sound stupid, but this is how things worked for me.

This FRIDAY, I will know where I matched.
From end of June, I will start working as a internal medicine resident in a hospital.
My dream finally came true.
I wish yours will come soon too!

Best wished, don't waste your time, work smart not only hard, be a nice person and luck and everything else shall follow.

Best of Luck everyone smiling face


Congratulation ! I also posted in ur CK more and had pm you too.

Your skype id still wrong ie ...... soni.doc9 ...... no id of this on skype sis.

Hope u reply my pm and send ur skype right one or add me and ur e mail .

Have a good oen in ur residency nod

GL nod


Ur are a great inspiration to all of us!
Can u tell us your year of graduation?
Good luck on ur residency

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