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 I will get 269 :)  

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You'll do fine. Don't take any excessive caffeine (or any drugs like Zolpidem) the few days before the exam. Wake up in your exam mindset ad routine. Eat light meals for breakfast/lunch to get your body and mind used to it. Get proper sleep the few nights before. It makes a huge difference on the real exam. Your recall will drastically be affected without sleep on this exam. Good luck! Congrats on almost being done!

On Apr 27, 2013 - 8:40 AM, igot269 responded:
Thank you so much thecurve smiling face Also thank you so much for the advices..... I'll follow that and I will not take any sleep pills even non sedative ones..... Exercise made me sleep last night, so I'll maybe just go by that way ..... Sleep well, stay cool and be strong grin

All the best to you tooo smiling face


Good luck girl!
I am sure u will do well!
If I can work even half as hard as u I will be very happy
Good luck
smiling face

On Apr 27, 2013 - 8:41 AM, igot269 responded:
Hi Peanut smiling face

Thank you so much for the encouragement.... I think you are a hard worker tooooooo wink

All the best to you too wink


2 more days..... I feel my clock is not working lol time is passing so, so slowly .... but also so fast.....

Yesterday's exercise made me sleep, I am happy..... Today woke up at 6:30, not sleepy at all.... finished reviewing my remaining UW notes..... then walked and jogged for 1.5 hours listening Goljan audio..... I was left last 3 audio from goljan, so yesterday listened half of them while walking and jogging and finished another half today......

It's 10 am here now...... 

I have 3 notebeek notes left, maybe just review one the most important one, which is mostly from UW. Then review my UW wrong Q's from my weak areas.....

Yesterday I went to the prometric center as everybody advice to go there before exam.... I am relaxed now... nice place, quiet and warm. The lady out there was nice and gave me some advice, saw many ppl giving many kinds of exam..... But she said she doesn't see many ppl giving USMLE, and I will be the only person giving USMLE there on Monday.....


Thank you for the wishes and encouragement...... It's hard to concentrate on last days...... will hang in there ...... grin


Sis ... Good idea visiting the center to get familiar with it & will review most important note from UW & wrong answers.

On the day b4 just take it easy, eat, sleep right & well review or not and be happy.

Have good breakfast then Go for it on the exm day.

We all will pray for u to get great day therenod & win the day with all the Qs u know answers well nod

See you back here soon to listen to ur happy, success story wink

GL nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


Good luck to did it with all the determination and perserverance


igot269...can feel how u feel at this moment when u all ready..and almost there to click those answers...keep up the momentum...till the last block...and the last question of yours ..: )

I think this exam is all about how much you come up with all your potential..after that its all God's blessings/or luck..whatever you say to cross 230 plus..

don't worry you did your very best...and the best outcome comes..the one you deserve..the one it makes it easy for your residency.

all the very best..may you remember everything..God willing!


Hey igot269
U must be doing your exam now! Praying for u
Let us know how it went!


Thank you so much for the supports smiling face smiling face smiling face And for the praying smiling face smiling face smiling face

I am baaack, n dooone this beast.... I felt like I just gave a birth haha, bc it hurts so much, and at the moment it ends, u feel no pain..... I just felt that, it was a pain..... and then once I finished it I can't remember how hard it was, I mean my journey......

The exam was not EASY, not hard too.... I don't know how I did, but I hope I did okay grin Did 1st 2 blocks without brek and then took 5-10 min between every blocks..... The exam format was exactly same as UW..... Guys really , do UW UW UW!!!!!! Some friend of mine told me this and I didn't listen!!! I should have listened to him! I had NO question from the NBME's I did.... I did 5 NBME and it wasn't worth doing them all sad instead I should have done 600+ my wrong Q's from UW.... Guys If you are able to do so, then do UW 2-3 times, really, I mean it, and knowing THAT question right is not the thing, you should know what is behind THAT question, some were really easy and straight forward, but some were really confusing. This exam is not testing our memories I guess, straight memory q's were only 5-6%, at least for my exam it was like that. Also they asked loots of loots of basically basic stuffs which was hardest for me, they asked lots of molecular and cellular biology, basic physiology ... those were the though ones for me. Not much micro which hurt me since I spent much time on it to know them well sad also not much musculo or GI which I also put many effort after my fist NBME.... But who knows,,,.. right? everyone has different Q's so we should know all of them really well.... I had pretty much everything, 

if any question, I am happy to help..... But I can't tell much until get my score grin

Again thank you for the wished and nice words on my journal and pm's.... I feel so blessed smiling face


Congrats on being done! I'm sure you did great.

We'll be waiting for you over at the Step 2 CK forum! ;-) It's a lot nicer than Step 1.


Dear Optimistic Mom

You rock.I like the way you described the exam with child birth.

Your score is the present to your baby.

May God bless you with the best score



Really it is...well done Igot269..wish I only pain was worth when I took my exam few years ago...

well now...especially when you are juggling with family of five...just imagine the pain I go through...

Just can't wait to end this..with me..everybody around me..also feel the pain..ha!

Thank you for lifting my spirits...and wish you the very best..job well done..will wait for the product of your pain now..: )


seriously loling at your comparison!!

now enjoy!
hopefully i will join u soon!!nod
take care!!smiling facewink


Great u have done .

Relax, celebrate ... few days then back to CS or CK asap .
When I had done CS ... result took for ever [ months & months then usual result time due to transition of CS ] gave u unsettle though know will pass , still anxious so st 1 study not kicked in fast enough ... then winter came early ... fm , health had to tc of ... so back to st 1 study took for a while then planned ... so now u had done st 1, still good spring , summer so ... start ur CK or CS asap nod b4 winter .

If need vacation do take it but study CK or CS b4 & after ... do not give all spring/summer to non study only... do balance study & if fm need summer give them too but do study as per every minute u get w/o waiting whole day u can do [ one of my weak point give fm all till can sit whole day study , lesson learn ] .

re exm well explained, yes every one have different Q , focus of subj sets.
Wish can get urs w/o NBME Qs since do not want/ no time to do that.
But in recent & past ... friends who did exm all have NBME similar but how much we remember all Qs we did nbme or uw or etc & especially how do u know remember to compare all w/ stressful day [ will not use this word if ur exm not done yet , so we non exm taking yet pl skip this wordsticking out tongue ] exm Q w/ all Q banks u did months b4 exm grin
Anyhow at least we think it is like nbme , like uw etc etc ... in old time most frds said exactly kap LN ... so bottom line is how our brain pre occupied w/ this & that & then u saw similar in exm ... boom ... oh it's from this & that grin
Hope me, we all have that ... boom moment in exm room for every Qs nodsticking out tongue

GL to ur dream score nodseems u did well ... looking forward to see ur great score Sisnodcoolnod


Hi thank you all for the comments smiling face

Yes shwe right, maybe I had NBME Q or at least similar, but it wasn't that much, like 2-3 maybe.... what I am mad at it is I spent too much time and spirit on NBME which has no explanation rather than doing my lovely dear UW sticking out tongue

But I am not telling don't do NBME's I will do many available NBME on my ck too, this time I didn't have much time but spent last precious moment for doing NBME instead UW which was bad idea for me smiling face Do them early, know your weak areas, NBME sure is not a learning tool, so do it online, predict your score, know where u are and know what to improve wink


I will start CS after my long losit family duty which might take 2-3 months.... Hoping to study in between...


Thnx sis , I also have no time so will do fe wNBME online for estimation of my weakness & status .

CS 2... 3 mo is good if w/ fm duties... that I did same too ... But be sure at one point like last 1.5 mo or total 1.5 month do FT CS practice w/ lots of SPs & several times of same cases . So u will become CS & in syn with the CS & comfortable w/ it like ur daily routine Clinic day... that's important ... like ppl said eat, sleep, drink w/ it or it that's v true for ... CS .

GL in ur dream score in st 1 & CS prep & CS exm nod


passed... 231... still happy 

If my goal were to get 230+, then I might have end up with 210 or something (it's kind of defense mechanism but also the truth sticking out tongue )
Next step CS

CK goal is still I Will Get 269 smiling face 

Good luck everyone! Your supports were huge for me and were my strength to go on.

Please trust NBME score wink

My lower performances was molecular as I expected. My exam had full of experience questions from molecular. Also my genetics were below borderline which killed my score. Happily, my micro & immuno were at higher performance, so was musculo. What I am trying to say is : hard work pay off! Work on your weak areas. This exam is more that doable. 

I LOVE MEDICINE smiling face


Congratulations igot 269
It's a good score!
Really hard work paid off!!
Enjoy your sucess!

Good luck for the future!!!smiling face
We will miss u here!!

On May 27, 2013 - 9:03 PM, igot269 responded:
Thank you so much smiling face

I will be back soon, I might continue this journal for my next steps as well~


231 awesome!!!!

i will juggle too ..for 269..if I jump upo that high..well I may land somewhere..close : )

big congrats !!

Please tell me: if you were think back..what helped you the reach 231..
If you plan to take step 1 again would you plan..please : )
managing time with kid (s) it helped..what? This question my first priority please..

Thank you so much!

On May 27, 2013 - 9:36 PM, igot269 responded:
Well, I would say pathoma is a must, he helped me a looot a loot ..... Also biochem, pharm, physiology, micro and immuno videos were most helpful from all Kaplan lectures. Oh, beh science and biostatistics, I only listened Kaplan lecture (he is really good) and finished all Kaplan Q's and UW Q's, my beh science was almost highest performance after my cardio. So Kaplan LN, video and Q bank Q's were MORE than enough smiling face I didn't read Goljan RR cover to cover even that was my plan, instead I used RR when I was doing UW. His audio is very helpful too, but my mistake was to listen his audio in my earlier and mid prep. I would listen that audio on the end of my prep I was to give steo 1 again. For neuro.... it was a nightmare, really.... i knew nothing about neuro, it was so hard to understand all of them, and Kaplan lecture was not so good either, so I bought HY neuro. The book is very good and brief, I used that book for all the pictures, if youwant to rock this test, this book might help too.

If I were to give Step 1 again, I would 1st finish Kaplan Qbank before I start UW. Then do UW at least twice or go over all the wrong q's again. I had no time to do so, but I strongly recommend to do UW not just once.

My biggest mistake was to do many NBME just before my test. Because NBME is not a study tool, it's used to know where you are. If I have gone over my wrong Q's from UW instead doing one NBME a day (which is 200 Q's sad ), I might have done better than this. I spent too much time and effort on my last days of prep on NBME.

For managing my life, it was hard but I was doing what I love to do, so it wasnt a pain smiling face 

I was working full time when I 1st start. Pick up my baby from day care, cook and let her sleep and study for 3-4 hours, I was sleeping 4-5 hours some day and I changed it to part time work and It turned out it was better for mw to take care of my baby at home instead paying for daycare and working only for paying for daycare, so I quit and became stay at home mom. I wake up with my lil one, take care of her and go to the park or library when they have activity, come back and feed her and she have some nap for almost 2 hours at noon. When she is asleep, I do nothing, even if my home is a mess, I don't care, I just pick up my book and computer and study. Because studying ws my only mission and I managed everything according to it. I wasn't studying for my free times, I was managing free time for my study smiling face When she is awake, I try to do all houseworks with her, watching and playing with her while cooking and cleaning. Husband come from school at 9.30pm and he takes her to bed at 10pm. Until 9.30pm I try to finish all houseworks. I then study again from 10pm, sometime until 2am, sometimes even 3 am. Then next day comes. But during weekend, I had no time for study.

My mom helped me for 1.5 months mid end of my prep, she was at my home, so I had chance to study at library from 11am to 8pm for 1.5 months and she took her with her for almost last 1.5 months of my prep. I was studying 16-17 hours for that last month bc my baby was with my mom. 

we can manage our time even with our babies and houseworks. It's possible smiling face (I apologize bc I almost wrote my life diary hehe)

I will handle the same when I am back and might work and study for my next steps too smiling face Because my mom is done helping me and my baby turned 2, so I have to pay attention on her education too smiling face

Good luck dear wink


Hey good score ... congrat Sis . nod
Be happy & celebrate .

You disappear on skype , miss u .

Looking forward to see exm experience here at least ... do, don't what if can go back what would u do , extra, change what etc .

Thnx to ur mom ,little one helping u study peacefully near few months.nod

GL in ur CS , study hard, pl do not underestimate them & check CS site journal, exm experiences plus mine & target's posts/ threads & recent one too .wink

On May 27, 2013 - 9:43 PM, igot269 responded:
Dear sis, I wrote many times on skype but it's saying pending sad I sent some files on skype even they are offline and they are getting those files when I am offline too 

Have you update your skype? I am sure yours is latest version too..... I will try again wink


Congratulations great score

On May 27, 2013 - 9:44 PM, igot269 responded:
Thanks you Sima !

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