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 I will get 269 :)  

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Thank you mommthejuggler & alzymer smiling face


12 days to go..... still doing UW & FA.... Will do NBME after finishing my UW.... Maybe next mon or tue, will give NBME....

Which one should I do online??? 

11.12 or 13???

Any suggestion???


I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive

I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise..... Love the lyrics grin

If I just believe itttt

There is nothing to ittttt..........


will do nbme 15 tomorrow......... fingers crossed.......


Good luck with the nbme
U will do great!!smiling face


530... 228....

no matter what... I am going for it.....


Great score!
No matter what go for it!!
Good luck dear!
smiling face

On Apr 19, 2013 - 8:38 AM, igot269 responded:
Thank you sis smiling face

Fingers crossed nod


If 228 is 15 ...shocked they said most difficult one so ... u'll do better on exm day ... just keep calm, vibe & go for it .

GL nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face

On Apr 19, 2013 - 2:16 PM, igot269 responded:
Thanks you sis

Really??? I felt it was even easier than NBME 7..... I also felt they are almost the same.... asking very very similar things, just from different edges.

On some other forum ppl say NBME 15 overestimated their score.... I don't know..... 

Even it's far from 269, but I am still happy for 228.... 9 points in 18 days, 10 more days left.... so maybe above 230???? Fingers crossed....


Oh if ppl said over estimate then ,take their words since I have not try 15 or 13 but 13 is tough so ... logically 15 can be harder but u did the test so u know better . Still ur 7 is 219 so as far as 220 that hits mean & good I think.
Keep calm, relax, review well ... more points shell come wink

b4 15 out some said 7 , some said 11 or 12 are closer so , actually they r around range but key is the day of the exm how u did so... keep reviewing well & calm , sleep well night b4 ... that will give u better ... best outcome nod

Go Sis Go Igot269 Gonod

On Apr 21, 2013 - 9:47 AM, igot269 responded:
yes sis u are right, we will only know when we get the score......

Thanks for the wishes wink


7 days to go...

I can't sleep at night, dreaming all those things that I read...

Can't wake in the morning..... Head is so so heavy and whole body is so heavy...

Trying to start on exam day sleep wake up schedule.... otherwise I noticed I don't perform well in the morning bc I am so sleepy, & scores from afternoon is way better bc my brain is completely woke up.... 

Thanks to my beautiful mom who is taking care of my baby for a while, otherwise I am dead by now already with these dead tight schedules.......

Dear UW, I am almost there to finish you wink 


Just finished all the UW......... But last 2 blocks are just finished & I was so excited being finished so cant resist my self to update my journal grin  I still have to go over that last 2 blocks which might take a whole day...

Started with 50% ended with 69% 61th percentile....... last blocks were higher so I don't care if it is 69% over all, bc last blocks were almost always over 70% some were even 80% ..... I have 682 over all wrong answers... will try to go over them again if I COULD......

I am a fan of writing thins, so I collected almost 5 notebook since I started the journey, and I have to go over them once at least. Its a lot but hope it worths it. Have to go over my weak areas on FA tooo....... Really, I have really lot to doooooo

From tomorrow, will do one NBME a day but offline. And last 3 days would only be revising my notes & maybe wrong Q's from UW....

I Love Medicine

I will get 269 grin


Pl do at least 1 nbme online .

Go igot269 go nod

Review well, stay calm nod & GL nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face

On Apr 23, 2013 - 2:39 PM, igot269 responded:
will try wink ;D


NBME 11 offline 159/200 according to forum members calculating method its 222.6 shaking head


Hey offline nbme us not a good co relation of score! Online is
It's just good for practicing! Do another online I would say!


Hi yes Peanut & Shwe, right,  online is better.....

I don't know if I do one online or not :P 

NBME...... I don't know how the scores are so close???? I've  just finished NBME 12, I know it's not accurate & answer sheet is not 100% reliable. 12 was the hardest for me, weird Q's sad ...... when I was checking my result I felt that I was not marking that much wrong ones & was so exited but after alll -> still almost 40Q's wrong sad  162/200 means roughly 226 ....

NBME 7 online 219

NBME 15 online 228

NBME 11 offline 222

NBME 12 offline 226.... they are so close........ where is my 269 sad sad sad I really wish I could extend, when I mentioned extension last week, I faced LOOOTS of negative feedback from my ppl around...... everyone is forcing me to finish this test n live some normal life........ even my parents said "if u extend your exam, I am afraid u end up with schizophrenia" haha really, they really said that.....

5 days left..... will review these 200 Q from nbme 12 which i just finished... it will take a whole day...... days are running fast but slow.....

Go Go Goooo smiling face




igot 269 , hope u follow ur gut/instint ... say u shell do it now or after few wk extension .
u know best ... after score out u cannot change ... well u know ur strength , stamina so ... u make a call w/o pressure from surrounding but ... be honest to ur self what ever u decided , we will support u here .

If like to go for it ... like I said b4, calm, but review study wisely & well... plus believe in ur self frustration , too much stress ie bad stress , yes u still need tiny stress / tiny hyper to make u go through the exm well .

All the best & GLnodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face

On Apr 25, 2013 - 12:37 PM, igot269 responded:
yes shwe, that's what I thought too, and wanted to extend..... But it's complicated.... I couldn't extend..... I have to complete the exam by next Mon bc I have loots of duty afterwards sad .......


Thanks for the honest advice, always wink 

Good luck to you too.... How are you doing lately? I was so busy so haven't visit your journal lately grin


I struggled a lot and in the end I decided not to do online form of NBME since it doesn't change anything now.... Even they indicate my weak areas, but I can't make it right in 3 days....

So I did NBME 13 offline today, just finished it.... Now I am used to sit for 4 hours long exam :P but not willing to do 7 hours training LOL

13 was the easiest for me, I was happy and like oh yea this is it, finally 39, 42, 44, 43 means 235.... Not that low but NOT so high ..... BUT  as I studied only 2 months after my 1st read and having these scores .... I will go for it...... I really want higher score but this is how things work in life, u don't always have the time u want.... Sometimes u just have to fight..... I think i did my VERY VERY best.... I look back and I see i used my highest availability, I didn't waste any minute I had, Last 2 months was just CRAZY.... I did not live a normal human life, I was like a robot..... I did nothing to be regret.... I did my very best. So I hope god will see and understand my situation grin and bless me on the real day.....

No matter how the end would be, I know one thing... I really learned a lot! When I start my journey, it seemed like a dream to me, bc my english was so bad, I couldn't even understand what they are writing on forums and I had to use dictionary every time,,,, every time,,,, that was crazy..... It was just 2 years ago, pregnant me, sitting in front of my computer screen and had a dream about giving USMLE  "one" day and barely understood even the meaning of the exam lol 

But here I am, giving the exam n 4 days, this is really happening???? Yes it is.... I will go ahead and give this exam because I have put my every available effort in it, from learning English to learning medicine..... So I am really calm now... panicking will never help as some forum friends told me wink


grinmust be v sleepy or tired when post last one w/ dropping words...thank god u get what I mean ... it suppose to be /thought had type it as ...
"If like to go for it ... like I said b4, calm, but review study wisely & well... plus believe in ur selfnod, but frustration , too much stress ie bad stress is no good wink, yes u still need tiny stress / tiny hyper to make u go through the exm well ."

Harayyyyyyyyyy 235 is great, who knows ... it can easily jump up 240 & more when u r doing it right with right mind winknod

GLnodpl stay review, do not come here unless u need to or miss us till exm done sticking out tongue

On Apr 26, 2013 - 10:09 AM, igot269 responded:
Yes you are right sis wink

How can I drop that BIG word?????? Thank you GOD for everything! Really, giving me this time for studying, giving me this strength to go on & giving me this OPPORTUNITY to sit on my dream exam smiling face 

I am not just typing it, I mean it, I am really, truly thankful for everything GOD gave me! 

And thank you shwe for reminding me wink


FRED 3 block.... I felt it really different from UW or NBME !!!!!  39/46 33/46 (whaaat??????) 40/46 It doesn't predict anything though....

On 2nd block I almost fell asleep bc I am waking up earlier day by day & I was soooo sleepy!!! (I am showing a defense mechanism right lol ) I am bad at morning studying! but half of my exam is in the morning shockedsticking out tongue....... Maybe I will start light running from today (maybe puppy in my ear sticking out tongue), that way I will physically tire myself a little bit so that I can fall asleep, otherwise I am spending so much time in bed to fall asleep, i thought trying Zolpidem, but maybe NOT..... (I have cut my coffee already, should cut my red bull tooooo but I couldn't do it .... sad having only one can before noon though sticking out tongue)


FRED q's are free on but they have only one year's Q. I did 2013 one, if I had time I would do more...

I found it from other forum... There's a lot's of FRED Q's from prior years, if you want to practice free Q's & have time to do so, then this might help smiling face

You don't have to download, u can just copy the link of each year and paste it on searching window wink GL

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