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 I will get 269 :)  

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Lets be optimistic. Why can't i get 269 right? I will set a high goal, i don't want to just pass.

I just registered with ECFMG. I am planning to set my eligible period between Oct-Dec. But actually planning to sit on late Nov or early December.

I tried to prepare before but because i couldn't decide whether i will start this journey or not and I wasted a year from now. on and off, but couldn't really decide and didn't really review. But i have collected all the materials, videos and audio.
I work full time, but I will give myself 6 months to prepare and take step 1. If i don't be clear with time, then i will just don't push myself.

I am starting from this week. Starting with physiology.

I just finished fluid distribution & edema, now reviewing excitable tissue.
BTW i am using all the kaplan LN, some videos, Goljan audio & RR, maybe use MMRS for micro, FA of course, BRS physiology as well. Not decided what book to use on behavioral science yet.

My plan is to compete my 1st read by Sep 1st. Then do as much questions i can along with multiple read of FA.

I will get 269~

Happy study all smiling face I love medicine ...

Edited by igot269 on Jun 02, 2012 - 12:06 PM


Of course! why not?
I love medicine too! i realized medicine is part of me, I can not be myself without being a doctor. Does it mean I love myself ?! grin
Good Luck!

On Jun 01, 2012 - 7:38 PM, igot269 responded:
Thank you Bayad!

Good luck and happy study smiling face


My late update:

Finished Physiology base topics smiling face yeeey
(I am planning to review by organ system, so I am dividing base topics and organ system topic )

Now reviewing anatomy base topics. I gave 2 days for these.
Today i should finish cell biology part smiling face


Today: Connective tissue, bone & muscle smiling face

Happy study my friends smiling face


Anatomy base is done yeey.
I started Biochem yesterday. Today's target is to complete all the gene, DNA & RNA related chapters smiling face


Good luck with ur prep.

On Jun 07, 2012 - 9:19 AM, igot269 responded:
Thanks you so much shooting star smiling face


Biochem is getting closer and closer...
My mind is getting clear and clear with some part that I have never understood in Medschool smiling face

Done all the Molecular Biology part, Amino Acid and Hormones yeeey smiling face

Today I will complete energy metabolism (hopinggggg buzz zzz zzz smiling face )

Edited by igot269 on Jun 07, 2012 - 9:46 AM


Time is the most important thing in the world. Rich people, poor people all have same 24 hours a day. Even your mom can't lend you some time when you really need it.

I think how you manage your time, it directly will lead to success or fail. I think everybody know that, but what I am trying to say is :

We can't win time when we do something quickly
We will WIN time when we do something RIGHT (example just give up that movie or drama or even time you spending on Facebook and use those time to do something RIGHT that could lead you to the success)

I think success is directly proportional with how much time you have spent on the things that could lead you to success.

I wrote these and sticked it on my wall, so whenever I feel exhausted or want to do something else, I see it, then i again become motivated and can go on.

I am a mom, so I have lot to do. Time is really really important smiling face

Edited by igot269 on Jun 07, 2012 - 9:48 AM


Well said, good books choices [ cause I used same nodsticking out tongue& plan to review most grin one after another with focus on FA ] .

Hats off.. FT, a mom , study few to 6 hr after work ... been there & know how tired will it be end of the day after all finish ... but we want our life back as look after the pt here so ... don't think the tiredness will stop us from doing so... the study & Go for it nod

On Jun 08, 2012 - 6:22 PM, igot269 responded:
thank you so much for those encouragement shwe!
we can do it yeey smiling face


Hello ladies. I am a beginner and working too. So I think I found the right place smiling face Good luck everyone

On Jun 08, 2012 - 6:23 PM, igot269 responded:
Good luck to you too smiling face
Thank you for stopping by dear nod


Done with whole energy metabolism part. I am so happy that I am doing this, I am happy to review all the thing that I almost forgot.

I am celebrating and giving myself one night off... I deserve it right LoL smiling face
So I will have clear and rested brain tomorrow -> I will do much better then smiling face


wow, im inspired with your messages, hope you'll make it and Godbless on your review... im planning to take step 1 by december too... is there any filipino IMG here whos also looking for study partner? would b really glad to have one... thankz!

On Jun 09, 2012 - 11:18 AM, igot269 responded:
Thank you and Good luck Lullaby_MD
Unfortunately I don't know any Filipino here, also I am not working in a medical environment also I came here in the US only a year and a half ago... I have no friend who is taking this exam or at least someone who is MEDICAL related here.
So sometimes i feel so lonely.
Reading this forum really really helped me a lot! I found encouragement, I found motivations!
Thank you all the beautiful desperate moms here smiling face


You're welcome . Yes we can do this exm with multi tasksnod

Have a great study wk end, wk ahead, me too nodcoolnod


Done with biochemistry yeeeey smiling face smiling face smiling face
It was painful but interesting, but I am now done with some part which is making me really happy.

Today I will do Kaplan Qbook, and Qbank, all the biochem part smiling face

Happy study

I love medicine nod


Lets stay optimistic
How motivating this song is smiling face


For me good songs are my study partners wink they make me focus, concentrate without tension or frozen stuck while study ,also keep me awake , alert, fresh mind grin

Just my 2 cents nod

Sorry buddy , been crazy busy few wks , will b back on track b4 bed for coming few wks nod

Have a great study wk ahead, me toonod

Like u am doing basic from FA but , some time system when basic are boringsticking out tongue


I started Pathology smiling face Going well so far...
I am focusing on Goljan RR, this book is a really good book, loving it so far along with audio lecture. It is taking so much time to listen, but I hope it is worth to listen smiling face

Reading path is much more interesting than reading biochem book (I love biochem anyway) smiling face

Happy study all smiling face
I love medicine


BTW I am reviewing only basic part of Path, I am reviewing remaining by systemic way later with all the anat, physio, pharm...etc nodgrin

Edited by igot269 on Jun 18, 2012 - 2:13 AM


Sweet dreams.
It was a productive day smiling face

Pahtology... to be continued nod


Change of plan....

Today I just realized that I should review pathology after some basics, at least after Immunology, Micro etc... So that I can absorb more. Because I am absorbing perfectly if there is some biochem related in it, but if there is immune or pharm in it, then i am using more time to get it and absorb it.

So from today, I start immunology... It is much more better I guess~

I just got home and cooked, now I am trying to study ...

Happy study all smiling face
I love medicine nod

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