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 Exam Journal for November 2012  

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Hi Friends!

I am starting my preparation for the final part hopefully on 14-15th August.
I haven't booked it yet but will start the preparation and book it simultaneously.

My study material will be:
Crush Step 3/First Aid
MCQs from QBook, QBank and ofcourse UW.

I am working full time so it will be a difficult target but I will try my best.

Anyone preparing is more than welcome to join the journal so we can keep motivating each other to get this last hurdle out of the way.

GL and Happy Studying

LC (oldkidontheblock).


Started off with Cardiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases planning to finish by Friday with some MCQs from qbook just to get in the habit of doing mcqs after a gap of 3 years.



Hello Journal
Finished Immunology and Cardiology with EM. Couldn't do Infectious but looking forward tomorrow to be a productive day. I will do Ethics chapter tomorrow and finish two tests from Qbook and also try to do Kaplan mcqs for cardiology and Allergy/Immunology.
I will start infectious once I have done my mcqs. I need to pick up speed on qbook as I want to finish it and move on UW.
See you tomorrow


Hi Journal
Did first 2 tests of Qbook and finished Cardio, Allergy and Ethics. Couldn't do kaplan and Infectious sadly.
Working for next two days so probably will see you after that.
I will try to do as much mcqs as I can do meanwhile.
See you later,


So nice to see you of our old gang memberssmiling face

Keep working hard. I am sure our sis shwe will also keep an eye on you and so will I.

On May 28, 2012 - 1:19 PM, lastcrusade responded:
Thank you very much for your wishes.
What are you doing these days?


Hi Journal
Sorry for being away but I remembered everyday my commitment to you. I have again deferred the exam for November as July seemed suicidal to me. So once I will rearrange my preparation plan I will get back to you.


I am also preparing for October or November

ATP is my Skype would you like to share strategies and CCS cases



Welcom to step 3 crowd.
I am in the same shoes as you, full time job + stude whatever time is left.
Let's do this!

On Jun 25, 2012 - 12:13 PM, lastcrusade responded:
how is your preparation?


Hi Cam & Tuti. I think we can join here and keep posting to motivate each other. Let me know what sources are you guys using, how much you have done and when are you planning to write it. Lets do it!


Hi Journal...
Sorry wasted time as usual as I was very tired after a week of work and another week coming so wanted a break. Plan is to finish Kaplan Q book first and get it out of the way. So I will try my best to finish it asap then will carry on with Kaplan Q bank and MTB Reading no 1.
See you soon!


Hi Journal..
Doing Qbook step 3. Finished all 4 Medicine tests now doing Surgery for a change. I am a bit tired today so left first test half way through. I will pick it up tomorrow hopefully.
Cu tomorrow, bye.


Still caught up in Q book, on nights these days. Have to finish it so I can crack on with the real stuff.
I hope to see you daily and more regularly.
Bye for now.


Hi lastcrusade
starting today with plan for exam in october 2012
thanks for posting in your journal. helping me get motivated


Hi,lastcrusade.I just begin with my prep today.I will be using MTB and Qbook also.keep the hardwork.


Dearest Journal and study mates, I am very ashamed of myself being so slow and wasting time. My conscience has been killing me as I want to get rid of this boring exam and its standing in my way! I hate you step 3 and I want to kill you!

I have reorganised myself and have decided that instead of wasting my energy on other resources I will crack on with the right stuff i.e

UW Mcqs

Here is the calculation, I will divide my study into 3 revisions.

Revision 1: July/Aug
MTB 9 pages/day
UW Mcqs 25/day
UW CCS 1case/day.

Revision 2: Sep/ mid Oct
Revision 3: mid Oct - Exam --probably in end of November.

I am starting from tomorrow with new hope and energy, though I will be doing a full week of nights, so its going to be tough but have to get rid of this exam which is a real pain.

Any of fellow study mates willing to team up are most welcome to join here. Believe me you will study very well if you keep posting your progress and study together. If someone is eager to discuss CCS cases it will be a good idea but the rest of the study will be at everyones own pace and time availability. So join me if you are happy to study.

I hope we can crush this exam together!

See you tommorrow!



i am back....anyone preparing too?

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