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 Substance abusing physician Q  

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Hi everyone.

I have a question regarding this question in Kaplan Behavioral Sciences notes.

During the second year of residency training, you discover that the chief resident on your rotation is using amphetamines on a regular basis in order to stay alert when on call. When you mention your concern to the resident, he tells you, "Mind your own business. I'm not one of your patients." At this point, your best action would be to

(A) Monitor the chief resident over the next few weeks to be sure that there is no danger to patient care

(B) Talk with other residents and see if they share your concern

(C) Contact the hospital ethics committee for advice and guidance

(D) Contact the American Medical Association

(E) Seek legal counsel

(F) Schedule a meeting to speak with the residency program director

(G) Lodge a complaint with the state licensing board

(H) Ask the nursing staff if they have noticed anything unusual about the chief resident


I know the best 1st choice would be "suspend patient contact" but that is not available here. The second step is to report. I was under the impression (and it says in Chapter 4) that reporting is done to the hospital administration and state licensing board, since licenses are issued on a state level.

Kaplan says the answer if F.

Should this be taken as a general rule? Report substance abusing physicians to the residency program director first?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!


in the question they are letting you know that you are a 2yr resident and that he is the Chief Resident, meaning that he is your superior. you witnessed his behavior but it doesnt say that he has caused harm to anybody or that he is an immediate threat, its just implying that its making you uneasy.
#1-you dont have the authority to suspend patient contact...that will have to be done thru the program director (hospital administrator)
#2- he hasnt committed any crimes as he hasnt hurt anybody so contacting the state licensing board would just be a nuisance for your residency program director.


Thanks a lot!!

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