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 1 year waiver from ABP  

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I have finished my Pediatric training from India and have matched for a 3 years position at one of the very good programs. However, in the meantime, I applied for a waiver of 1 year of training to ABP which I received. Now, I have to talk to my program director to see if she will agree to accept the waiver.

I am now desperately looking for answers to some questions

1. I plan to go for Pediatric cardiology fellowship and the application begins in January. So, I will have maximum 7 months before my fellowship application. Is it doable?

2. Some people have told me that a lot of states require a 3 year training for certification and licensing. Does any one know if it is true and if so what percentage of states? Also, the fact that I will be doing fellowship training, will that change the equation?

3. I understand that it might be a little late to talk to the PD about waiver now but I did not talk about it earlier as I felt that it sort of had a negative impact on my interview wherever I started the topic during the interview. So, I did not want to risk not matching at all and thus delayed asking this question. Any suggestions on how to approach this with the PD now?

4. Finally, I was looking for some hurdles some of you more experienced folks faced after taking the waiver to see if it is worth saving one year.

Any form of guidance or suggestion is much appreciated.


I am really in need of some guidance here. Does anyone have some information?


with waiver you are becoming 2nd year resident, not an intern. If the program has 2nd year opening then they may ask applicant if he/she can get a waiver. you said your prog is good, means they are not likely to have a position opened for the 2nd year. But talk to PD anyway. And yes, license is restricted after just a 2 year of residency in this country. i don't know how it affects fellowships.



Even I got a ABP waiver of 1year and accepted a PGY2 position at NYC. I have the same questions as above. Did anyone take the waiver in the past and got into fellowship.


drshilpa wrote:

Even I got a ABP waiver of 1year and accepted a PGY2 position at NYC. I have the same questions as above. Did anyone take the waiver in the past and got into fellowship.


I will try to answer some of your questions though refer to your program for accurate information.

1. Your question is unclear about 7 months left - 7 months lef tof what? If you are looking to start fellowship after 7 months of training in another program the PD may not accept it.

2. Yes some states require 3 years residency training for full license - and some state 3 years of ACGEM accredited training and does not specify as to how many years in residency versus fellowship - you may need to call individual states for information - for example Wisconsis needs only 1 year of GME training before it can issue full licensure.

3. Depending on the program PD might agree for the waiver - but regardless they will need to see how you work for first 6-8 months before they approve the same. Nobosy will automatically agree for the waiver before assessing your clinical performance - if they do then ur lucky, grab it.

4. Hurdels I see will be for J1 visa waivers - peds cardiology waiver positions are very rare though there are lots of peds cardiology attending positions open - J1 gives you advantage as to find the job till late - where on H1B you need to have a job lined up 365 days before the end of current job.

Again waivers in certain states might be restricted given ony 2 years training, but this is purely up to luck.

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