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 207 in the step 1 neurology chanc  

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Hi everybody,

I scored 207/78 in the step 1. can I still apply to neurology?


You want an answer to two questions.

1. Can I still apply? - Of course you can apply. You cam apply to as many programs that you have money to afford. Some applicants hit around 120-200 programs in a cycle for a number of specialties.

What you want an answer to is...............

2. With my score of 207, what are my chances to get a Neurology Residency? - This question is tougher to answer. For Neurology, you will require some competitive scores and 207 is below average. To secure 4-8 interviews your scores should be more than 220 on the first attempt. What about the other factors, YOG, USCE, USA LoR, publications/research? Where do these fit on your application?

These need to be outstanding to counter balance your below average score.

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