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 Time to Start step 3  

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Hello everyone!
Time to take step 3 and I have to start studying... It is hard to open up those books again but I hope it will be fine.
I am in residency now and need to clear step 3 by july of this year. I am planning to take it in june. Residency takes a lot of time and I have to find some time to study on the weekends or when I get home. I hope 3 month will be enough of time to do that.
I just want to post here my progress here, so I can keep up with my goals and see that I am not the only one who spends most of the time with books smiling face
So, I started yesterday 3/10/12. Went over ID and immunology, today I am planning to go through Cardio. I am using MTB for now to refresh it in my head. I used it for step 2 and it helped a lot. then I will review some notes from another prep course and then CCS cases.
CCS cases software is different now and I am waiting for Kaplan or UW to update their software so I can practice. Anyone knows how long it will take them to do so?
If u feel like writing here anything- go ahead, any thoughts, critics or whatever LOL Lets be a cyberspace friends smiling face
OK time for cardio.


Half way through cardio.
oh, it takes longer than I thought.... I still have a few hours to go before i can close my books for today....
and do some questions...
good luck to me smiling face

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