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 hide failed step 3 attempts  

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I'm desperate. I am in failed my 3rd attempt in step 3. I know I can't apply for license in this state because only 3 attempt allowed. However, if i could hide the failed step 3 I would apply license from another state (like NY) to sit in my specialty board to graduate. I am afraid that my program will terminate my residency immediately and I won't be able to finish it. Can I hide my failed attempts and just give them the passed report (I'm going to take it very, very seriously this time)? It seems the only way the program get the USMLE scores is through ERAS, but now they only need a copy of passed report. Is this true?

Thanks for your input!!!!

Pls help!!!!!!!!!


Don't let desperation result in dishonest behavior. We cannot tell you what to do but withholding information is dishonest action, some PDs or State Authorities may even consider it unethical.

You should also be aware (if you are in residency now) that when ERAS sends out a USMLE transcript on your behalf, it has a history of ALL your Step performances (pass/fail/number of attempts). Even if you were to print the pass only, the transcript would show 4 total attempts.

Good luck in your choice, but I definitely am not the best person to answer this question...................... You are.

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