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 Final Step: Lets get it done !!  

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GL nishi!

On Mar 02, 2012 - 10:09 AM, Nishi responded:
Thanks Arun..but I didn't started with full force..was missing my home so much..had a chat with them, now getting back to studies...with full energy!!


one imp point:
even in positive drug screen pts order noncontrast CT scan to look for bleed due to fall/injury while intoxicated.
okk so done with 35 pg neuro...40 more pgesrolling eyes of kaplan then mtb
now its time to cook smething for my dinner..


Goodmorning! so yesterday did neuro kapan and I hv to do 2 blocks uw..


so i'm putting my short time plan to keep track of myself coz I get very much distracted and boredom prevails lets see how i perform today and want to recover my 2 hr 25 qs with explanations..


done..and lunch now...then for next round..


iTs funny when I decide to do fast I get more slow..newayz I cudn't update my work..its time to drop the snail
Done with one block and explanation 2 ccs cases and now 5 more to go...nod


goodmorning! starting rheumat...nothing much in mind..coz I think smething and it happens otherway so just going 30 pgs..
confusion remains with qs...I like rheum though..lets go then!


updating late but I'll simply write at the end of the day..another 20 pgs then 4 hrs with both mtbs..


I GOT MATCHED!!!!!!!!grin


okk so with some good news and cheering up..I'm back again to studies and complete step3..
so for today 54 respi qs..then mtb 4hrs, 2 ccs cases. not much time left today..done with time to study!


Hey congrats !!
Enjoy the feeling grin

On Mar 15, 2012 - 6:20 AM, Nishi responded:
Thanks a lot teabag! alos boost me for step3 prep coz I'm not touching books since 12th!! I hv get back to studies seriously...


nishi congrats on the match !

when are you planning to take step 3?

On Mar 16, 2012 - 2:52 PM, Nishi responded:
Thanks a lot, by april end..its getting postponedshaking head


so the match mania is over and I should concentrate and finish this now..

Nephro it is today: over and out!!


starting ob/ notes..100 pgs today atleast..the more the better.let me see my progress

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