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 Final Step: Lets get it done !!  

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Hi Nishi,

I was just wondering how much time are you giving to the lectures. I recently started studying and lectures are taking all my time. I dont get enough time for ccs, mtb and uworld qbank after doing lectures. How to do ?

On Feb 23, 2012 - 11:36 AM, Nishi responded:
Hey Teabag! funny name smiling face newayz I understand kaplan lecs take time, I was myself in dilemma but I found it beneficial for CCS. Even I'm not able to cover my plans daily but we have to try, right!! for mtb u can do later at the most.. how ook much time lecs and kaplan theory its taking for u.. I mean tell me a topic u read.


so done with 2 ccs case, one left but feeling a bit tired, want to take a nap also hv some food. will b back in an hr


One lecture almost takes 2 hours or so and then I dont do Kaplan theory, just MTB. It takes another 2 hours to get atleast satisfied that I did study from MTB something today LOL. Then some ques from uworld and tadaaa my daughter is back from school and no study grin

I just have 4 or 5 hours max a day before my book's pages start getting ripped.

On Feb 23, 2012 - 5:35 PM, Nishi responded:
I think u r going good..U can increase ur time/length of study but not count down ur study itself !!
U'll speed will increase eventually, atleast I believe for myselfcool
Lets get it done anyhow..yo grino
I hv catch up so much confused
Which topic u r doing?


Neurology ...


I got to do kaplan qbank or I am good with uworld only ?

On Feb 23, 2012 - 6:50 PM, Nishi responded:
I think go with uw once atleast and then decide coz already with ccs its too much unless u r preparing for 6 months..!
good luck with neuro..strted qs?u r doing subjectwise or mixed?


goodmorning! yesterday I didn't update frequently, but it was a satisfactory day..!

Today's target: 2 lecs of hemat: 2 hrs, 90pgs of Hemat-onc theory: 4-5hrs, i'll decide abt MTB to read or not later grin or any1 can suggest me...then atleast 40qs uw. I know I'm giving time to kaplan lecs/notes which i'm not sure i'll b able to revise later but smehow lecs r helping me in ccs and after listening to them theory doesn't take much time..I'm more theory to q person, in that way I remember longer..lets see..if doesn't work out, i'll change my plan but for now, this is the target!!


seriously..the lec of hemat is so unfocussed, I hv been conrad's fan but 2 hr one lec and so many stupid jokes mad I'm already getting so anxious, for one reasong I don't hv so much time and other thing is I don't want o simply skip the lecs..hope I find a way! phewwwww


ok so done with lecs, it took me 4 hr, miscalculated, each lec was of 2 hr. now whole hem-onc theory is 90 pgs. I'm not so confident with onco part so going for theory. will strt after lunch.


Wow, you are in take off gear. Galloping !!!
And I am getting neurotic doing neurology since yesterday.
Bad Bad Bad. I have to speed up.

On Feb 24, 2012 - 6:30 PM, Nishi responded:
Not so good m so anxious coz hemat-onc theory is so much and I'm reading same thing again and again! lecs were not so gooddisapproval
I'm thinking of doing MTB with uw revision later..raised eyebrow if this eats up my whole time!
howz neuro lecs?? how long r they? do theory quickly coz neuro is all abt qs..least
Thanks for passing by..atleast I don't feel lost smiling face


good morning Nishi, thank you for your post and best of luck for the exam,

"among oral hypoglycemics avoid metformin and glyburide in RF pts."
This is interesting point since this medication very common used in primary care.
Some author suggest who GFR < 30 should discontinue metformin.

I am wonder if it mean who GFR <30 have to swith to insulin?

On Feb 24, 2012 - 9:33 PM, Nishi responded:
Thanks for ur comments. I appreciate that u took interest in reading this and even motivated me!
yes, switching to insulin is an option in such pts, other categories
or Hb1ac very high(i dint find the exact value)
keep adding..!


OK so I'm bck again, I did hemat qs/ theory, revising theory helped coz hemat's ALL/CLL is smetime confusing. Its time now to do 3 ccs cases and strt a new topic which I would decide later, may be GI or Neuro..
But since I'm in flow of hemat, I'll quickly do mtb and anyother thing I left..


Nishi Good work. Keep going. You got it. I did an NBME today and my endocrine was pretty bad on it. We can discuss endocrine and everything else here and keep at it. I am hoping to take the exam end of march. Good Luck to you and keep at it.

On Feb 26, 2012 - 8:09 PM, Nishi responded:
sure, I'll be pleased to ur qs here..How was ur nbme? good luck!


I tool NBME 2 and it went pretty bad, i got a 250....wasnt expecting, its shattered me, and my confidence. I have to put myself together back on the track and do it again. I am thinking maybe for a month I can review MTB since I have already done UWorld, Kaplan qbank and CRUSH....really dunno what else to do.

On Feb 27, 2012 - 2:30 PM, Nishi responded:
hey sry to hear that but its good u hv one month of time to revise things and then again give an nbme..since u hv already done q bank..u know what things r mostly asked...keep going..cheer up!


Ok so late entry today in the journal. Yesterday did 3 ccs cases, uw done, had to strt a new topic but strted today...Hemat, I want to quickly read mtbck along with little theory pgs from kaplan..its ticking like a clock in mind that smething of hemat is left..smetimes planning out thing wastes lots of ur time and it happened to me yest.sad had a mind block+ sunday talking with parents on phone, cooking etc excuses..

So, finally GIT on board..7 cases kaplan, mtb ck/3 + I wanna complete left-overs of hemat and I hv 6-8 hrs left to study. I want to complete all by today, tough task but if i'm anywhere close to this, I'll sleep nicely today..


done with kaplan notes with 45 min brkgrin want to scan my ck kaplan in next 1.5 hr..


Hi Nishi, iam back. My daughter is sick and i didnt study for three days. But atleast i know alot of peds now. haha.

You are going good. Keep it up. You are my inspiration. Every morning I see your posts and my moral boosts up grin

Back to IM. Where did I leave mmm. I did neuro, planning to start cardio. And here start my own palpitations ..... I am doing bad. I know grin

On Feb 28, 2012 - 10:02 AM, Nishi responded:
Good to hear bck from you and flattered with ur commentswink
Keep going..cardio..yo..and ask me lots of qs coz I did it too fast earlier.

  #37 last night's plan wasn't successful, I should think practically though..however I did GI today in the time for lunch and then q timecool


So strted uw...was enjoying coz my mind, body and soul was full of energywhen suddenly an interruption came and took away 3 hrs but anyway, m not leaving in an isolated bubble world...
so gearing up to gi qs and good facts coming up today smiling face


finished with GI..I could have done it much earlier but dunno was naturally slow, may b I was mentally tired, had a bad headache...

anywayz so 2morrow will first do 3 ccs cases and will discuss sme interesng GI points. Git very much application based should be given importance

signing off..


Good morning, woke up late today sad and was not doing so great as well yesterday..started Neuro, 12 cases..arnd 30-35 pges and then 3 ccs cases which I dint yest, my badrolling eyes

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