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 Final Step: Lets get it done !!  

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I'm starting my Journal from today. I felt I was not able to keep track of myself efficiently and by planning and discussing out things here, I and people who are travelling in same journey for step3 prep can boost each other. I'll try to post as frequently as possible.

My plan: STEP3 BY APRIL 2012.
Materials used: Kaplan notes(lecs, I'm thinking only for medicine), MTB3+ CK, UW. For CCS, I'll use UW, starting with practise qs( 3 daily) and later will do the online ones.

I'm done with cardio and some UW qs. I did endo lecs, they were nice especially management of DKA, HHS which will be helpful for CCS. Now going for MTB3 endo. Its 20 pgs around and I may cover in 2 hrs(target!)..lets see smiling face

As I go i'll post my each day plan and also some qs,facts and discussions about topics. I encourage you to join and make a great team for STEP3!

Begining in next 15 min with my lunch done...


done with MTB3, endocrine..very interesting points found out. I'll post some of them after quickly brushing through MTBCK endo as will come again r an hr.
Let the adrenaline rush!


I'm not able to reply back..error coming in all web browsers???


starting uw endo now..I don't know if this will get posted or notsticking out tongue crazyshaking head


1. In pts with type I DM, typically with bld glu >250mg/dl or those with ketonuria, should refrain from exercise, else it ppts ketoacidosis.
2. Rapidly progressing osteoporosis in an adult pt or unresponsive to medical therapy: sec cause of osteoporosis should be ruled out like multiple myeloma.
3. among oral hypoglycemics avoid metformin and glyburide in RF pts.


4. Evaluation of suspected osteoporosis in done by central bone density, DEXA scan.
5. T/t of osteoporosis for T score <2 or T score <1.5 + risk for fragility fractures.
6. criteria for surgery in hyperparathyroidism: u. ca >11.5, urinary ca in 24 hr > 400mg, symptoms +nt, RF, osteoporosis +nt.


Its 1 pm now, feeling tired, going to sleep. Did just 15 qs disapproval will gear up tomorrow with more energy.
95 qs for 2morrow shocked have to increase my speed.


Hi I see your prep is going great! Im doing UW too...wanna take the test in 4/5 weeks..Hopefully by then I will be Matched!
So whats your story? you re doing residency?


@arun: No,me too waiting for the D DAY!!.. no residency experience. Good Luck to you too smiling face Keep going !


okk so here I'm. My day didn't started as planned. I had to complete some work which unexpectedly arose. Done with it but feeling a bit tired. Anywayz will strt qs again.


So many wrong qs in Endo..I'm freaking out shocked


How many of u felt that Endocrine in UW is out of world and no where close to Kaplan and MTB theory..this sucks!


yeah..kinda complicated...who knew when to treat sub clinical hypo thyroids!


@arun : ya I got this, when TSH>10 units..searched for this


Ok so the day begins..yesterday was disturbing and my target wasn't achieved. so today with 60 qs here I go. so starting in half-hr with breakfast and doing @15 qs/hr with explanations.
I wish to finish by evening.
Kick startsmiling face


so many wrong qsshaking head I feel like revising t he block again! One block more to go..10 min break


Acromegaly increses risk for colon ca and pts shud b evaluated for it through colonoscopy evry 3-5!


okk so finally done with endo qs but badly feel the need to brush it up...I hv already given so much time to this but still feel the need to spend one more day confused Hope it pays!


Goodmorning! I'm giving some time to look for endo qs again coz I keep forgetting them, 3 ccs cases, Hemat lecs. so first strting with 20qs...

  #20 3 ccs cases

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