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Hello Arun and Nishi, I am in the same boat....I have done all of Uworld once, ccs cases and I did CRUSH instead of Uworld cumulative performance was 65% and I was doing every decent. Then a week before the exam I did NBME form 2 and did horrible...Therefore I changed the date, wad down for a few days, it was a big blow, But back to the routine and I am going to go take the exam on the 19th. Until then its 18 days of tentative schedule and work, I can do UWorld all over again in these 18 days and bought MTB.....Goodluck both of u, keep at it.


hey prayintopass..u still hv 18 days, u can revise uw..and mtb is definetely good..I dunno abt crush but it will be good if u combine both of them..were u able to finish in time ur nbme? what difficulty u faced?


I finished everything on time on NBME. I took Form 2, and in my head i thought I was so well-prepared. Honestly I was putting in like 10 hours of quality work everyday....My life was Step 3 and nothing else for the whole month of January and Feb...Did NBME 2 and got a 250 on it...which is pretty bad....Then I went on forums and read around. Someone else said they got a 110 when they took NBME 2 here on these forums. On UWorld Forum someone said they got a 290....So I dunno maybe its a hard exam, but then again its a predictor so I rescheduled the exam date. Sadly I am so devastated by it. but what to do? Gotta do what you have and revise everything once again.....This exam is testing my patience a bit too much.


Hey there praying to pass,
First of all relax...! its just a practice exam...its what you do on that day! You re not gonna do badly dude,serious!
Just revise stuff and go ahead take the exam!


UW done..Cum 62%..i could have done better..
but anyway..started off with ccs..hopefully ill take the exam in 3 weeks..
plan for ccs- finish the 90 cases in 5 days..MTB 3 days..UW rev 5 days CCS rev 3 days and UWSA 1 day..thats like 17 days!,,and match week in between..i dunno how much is gonna bear fruit...
Anyway, so long as I breathe I hope!
Victory awaits!


wow...u hv already reached the end and the score is really good..u can give the uwsa now itself t..I hv to run seeing ur speed!..but I hv to read so many things which I don't want to skip..newayz.

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