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Here we go again..P4U has been with me all the way thro for nearly 2 years..and here I am with the final hurdle...A week since I started Step3 prep . using MTB and UW.
Done 40% of UW MCQs..avg score so far is pretty bad..57...
My averages in s1 and s2 were in the late 60s....but anyway..Rome was not built in a day!
I gotta buck up..just got to know the nitty gritty..that one reason why an echo is done instead of a cardiac catheterization...
My aim for S3- 260 (aim for the sky).
I have to increase the hours Im reading..wasting too much time reading Tech sites and football news. And netflix..i freaking hate you. Deleting you from my phone.
Gonna read explanation for the 10 test now.
Will report back in 3 hours.
Glory Awaits! Victory!


Ok that kinda took more than three hours...
Dumb mistake on the test...
why the hell would I do cardiac cath before an echo in a patient with?vsd?
Whoever knew you could get CPPD crystals in Hemochromatosis???
Now for another test!


ok..done with that..
The ethics questions are so funny in UW!
The patient is extremely attractive and displays her cleavage..hehehe...
and options were like
Accept her offer for a date and dont document it (2% actually chose this)
accept and document(2%)
tell her that you will inform her boyfriend about it(1%)
seriously? i think guys were just fooling around!
now for the explanations!
reporting again in 4 hrs!


I dozed off last night..went thro only half of the explanations,.Well ill make up for it today.
Plan for the day
Complete the remaining explanations
2tests with explanation
TRY to read a bit of ER from MTB


Ok did the explanations an done with a test!


Finally my scores have some decency and some consistency...Now to the explanation! reporting back in..say 4 hrs?
Glory awaits!


goodluck with your prep arun smiling face


oh..finally someone who got my name right!
well done with the explanation..
Now for another test...


are you prepping for s3 too?


man this kinda wasting i need to jailbreak an iphone now..i feel like an idiot..
gonna start my first test of the day..just started working on the ccs cases in uw..its actually some kinda game! to say the truth..its kinda awesome!
anyway..gonna do only one test with explanations today..and read 5 cases from ccs!.
ciao journal!


no im prep for cs ...was getting bored doing all those and saw your post to do the block...
got pumped to do it again.


thanks for stopping by!
so i ve done the block...avg score now upto 60..and just over half the qbank done..
hopefully ill be able to hit 64-65 by the end...
well anyway...gonna read the explanation....
might take it slowly today...think i got overloaded with uw info from the last week..
plan from now on- 2 blocks a day with explanations+3ccs cases..
so ill finish qbank by 24/25..ccs by the end of the month(hopefully) a week to go thro UW again..another week for ccs..and then the self assessment..and take the exam around the 20th?
well sounds like a plan...
ciao dear journal!


@arun : ur plan is like me..though I'm not sure when I can finish..lets keep it up. post ur uw qs/facts and we can discuss smiling face


thanks for stopping by..are you doing residency now?
Sorry journal..I was busy the last few days..just did 3 block of UW..
now back to full fledged prep mode!
Plan for the day
2UW blocks(2hrs)
Two CCS questions.
Reporting back in 3 hrs..hopefully after doing two tests!


did one test..wth..score has gone down..well atleast its like 7% over the for the explanations..reporting in 3-4 hrs..


good luck! hey arun for ccs did u read smething before going with qs? I hv to also do a lot today rolling eyes bye now

  #17 nothing..i think uw is adequate..
Ok journal..done explanation for one block!
who knew excess coffee can cause still birth/spontaneous abortion!
and TORCH sucks.i always make mistakes with it..
and my cumulative score is finally a respectable 61...hope i touch 63-65 by the end!
ok..lunch now and then another block!


got a good score on this test! but still Sooooo many silly mistakes!
explanations and report back in 3/4 hrs..
Ciao journal! Victory!


Dear journal..sorry was busy.. scores are starting to improve...finally hitting a few high seventies....
on track to finish qbank on monday...then CCS!


wowwwwww!! nicesmiling face

On Feb 25, 2012 - 12:04 AM, ArunAR responded:
nothing wow nishi..i just got lucky!
i ve hit the low 40s!

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