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Dear friends,
I need help on this.From this year, the scramble is being replaced by the NRMP SOAP( Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program).I have applied to programs by eras but have not registered with NRMP.Am I eligible to take part in this program?
How effective is the scramble/SOAP for getting into the residency? Thanks a lot in advance.


Why are you posting this (SPaming) every forum with this question? its been answered several times


To answer your question a

3rd time no


The soap was to make it fair for those of us who followed the rules are certified (Passed steps 1,2,CS ) and particpated in both ERAS and NRMP 

Its not fair for people to fax resumes and jump the line who are not certified.

The new system will only allow those certified and verified with ECFMG, ERAS, NRMP and then you will apply through ERAS

so the Scramble is Dead now.

Register with NRMP now, get certified and verified and then you too can participate


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