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 Hi, advice/opinion needed.  

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Hi, i would appreciate to get your opinion regarding my case .

Starting from positive portionsnod , i am finishing my PhD on a Human Genetic field in a Canadian University. I have done some oral/poster presentations and have 2 first author papers. Also have done some workshops in France in the area of Cytogenetics. In addition, my master in Egypt was on Genetic disease using primarily genetic approaches. These facts would indicate that i have a strong attachement to genetics. Anyway. on the other side,. I am a really old MD graduate 1998 shaking headand now i am aiming to do my best to get a residency in genetics either in Canada or USA. By that way, i will get the Canadian Citizenship soon.

I am confident that i could achieve high degrees in any exam i could go through. This is really my best skills.. I know it is not easy but i believe i could do it if i prepare well. However, this will require a long commitment for 1-2 years of my life. That is why i am here trying to get relevant opinions from you regarding my story.

I know some genetics residencies do not require having MD but only requires PhD. The picture i see in Canada is it is a country of contacts. You should have a good network to help you to get wherever you want. I till now do not have such network support.

This is all.. please do not hesitate to share me your opinions/feelings/ advices..They will really help me to get a better picture. Specially from people who has similar story but stepped further than me. Or from ones who knows .raised eyebrow Thanks in advance and it is my first day here in this forum..It looks it is a great forum.


Hello McGenetics,

If you are planning to do a clinical residency in USA then your option would be to do a pathology residency. After that there is a fellowship like cytogenetics or genetics that you can do. Also Applicants must have completed at least two years in another ACGME-accredited residency in order to be enrolled in a Medical Genetics Residency. This means either path or peds. very few programs offer this fellowship, the list of such programs can be found here

Good luck!


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