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 Advice for 2013 match .  

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Hi every one ,,

I am planning to apply for 2013 match . 

 Can anyone give me an expert opinion on which specialty should i apply with these credentials . 

step 1 -214, step 2 -208 , cs - giving soon , visa- GC  ,USCE- not yet done ,will be doing after cs but want to make sure what specialty should i do .With my scores ,i am planning for FM , Ped ..Should i also include IM ? What are my chances for FM and PED..

Please give me yr expert views  ..

                                 Thnak you so much ..




 My grad year - 2009 .


step 1 -214,

  low by peer standards

step 2 -208 ,

  also low

cs - giving soon


, visa- GC

  might help you with contacts and USCE

  ,USCE- not yet done ,will be doing after cs but want to make sure what specialty should i do .With my scores ,i am planning for FM , Ped ..Should i also include IM ? What are my chances for FM and PED..

  FM should be your main field. If you still want to do some other specialty like IM or peds you should do 70/30 or 80/20 split. With 70% or 80% being FM (apply to as many programs as you can) and the rest will be the other - but only apply to mid and bottom tier programs where the chance that you will be invited for interview is higher. Also, make sure you keep contacts alive in the place where you did your USCE becasue if you impress them enough, they may be willing to overlook your low scores and still call you for an interview. Good luck!


in my opinion u can get a psychiatry seat too!!u wikll have to get 6 months usce in psych....DO IT ONLY IF U R INTERESTED!!


AND these scores are not low as exam has become tougher these days...dnt get discouraged at all!!u have green card and thats a huuge advantage!!good luck!!


Thank you so much for yours advices. I am going with FM and Ped , with most applying to FM . I think i better not apply IM ,and psych i am not that interest in it ,, so going with FM esp . But i think i should do observship in fm ..

       ok thanks agin .. will keep updated how thigs go .. 


First yes Go for FM... I have close credentials and i did apply this year for FM and I got 11 interviews in FM and I am an old graduates (graduated 2005) so you should do better than me...

second: PERSONAL STATEMENT... you have no idea how important it is in Family medicine.. a great personal statement will get you more interviews. Make sure it's personal don't talk about a case and bla bla!!!

Third don't trust websites like "Match a resident" which I used and I do regret very much..... one of the main programs I am ranking and they invited me for 2nd look. they say in their website they take peple who graduated withing the last 3 years.... did not matter because I met one the residents there and she was a 1996 graduates... they care who you are ... so don't worry about year of graduatuion..

last but not least... very strong letter of recommendation, I have very good letters which helped me, your USCE must show dedication to Family medicine, For example I had USCE in Family, OB and Geriatrics. which helped me alot.

GOOD LUCK smiling face)


I forgot to mention that I applied to 150 Family medicine prpgram..


I also wanna mention that you should apply to University Program too.. I got 5 interviews at University program and one of them is University of IOWA.


Thank you tenderhearts30 for your reply,

So good to hear that you got 11 IVs , you would definitely match . My best wishes to you . I am planning to apply for all FM ..My cs exame is in march ,after that i will be free .I want to do USCE observship/externship whatever i can get  as i can understand from your post thats really important in fm to show that one is very interested also need to get some strong lors ..  Yours usce experience is really impressive .Can you help me advice on how to get usce . I am prepring for cs rt now  , should i start to search for usce from now .I pan to do it from april and how should i proceed .It would be so better if i can get some unpaid usce.

thanks again for yr advices , and  good luck for the match.  


You should start looking for USCE now... for example ask your family doctor to rotate with him or your family's doctor or your friends' doctor and so on... Start now don't wait CS does not need that much effort... also you can rotate only twice a week! Good luck in the match and pray for me smiling face


good job tenderhearts30!

you are a good example of applying widely and smartly along with a good PS can overcome some setbacks like old year of graduation. The caveat being you are a US citizen too. This may make a few things easier but still kudos! good luck on the match.


Thank you mleresidencytip very much, by the way I am a fan of your facebook page, I love all your tips.. it does help smiling face


Thanks Tenderhearts30 for your kind words!


I forgot to tell that I applied to 130 program Internal medicine and I got only 2 interviews one of them by contact and the other was in Primary care track in a university program... I would not advice you to waste your money on Internal medicine anyway as honestly i do regret applying to that much in Internal medicine... it's very very very competitive... and I do like family medicine more .


Thank you Tenderhearts30 , these advices are really helpful, i am interested in FM too and would be applying in same extensively . We get to see patients of all ages and what more do we need if we match . March is coming soon and i would defiantly pray for You. Hope you match in yr first choice . I read some of yr old post , found that u were pregnant during yr ck , but u got over yr ck and now u r waiting for match .These are some awesome stories that we get to hear .It keeps us motivated .where did u interview and how did the IVs go ? 

 Am preparing for cs , which is in mid march and i am looking for an observship. have mailed some doctors , and some programs around my place .Also meeting my Family physician soon ,if she could help .

Ok thanks again ,, keep up updated ..and i will too. 




Thank you! Yes I was pregnant during my CK( that's why I got a low score I had a rough pregnancy) I was also working part time.. so it was very hard but I had to to help with the expenses with my husband... I have a very handsome son now and if I go back I would do it all over again.. one smile from my 4 months baby makes me forget all the hardship I went through.. I really wish you the best of luck and hopefully you match at the program of your dream.... Good luck and if you needed anything please don't hesitate to ask and PRAY for me.. I am very anxious about the match result!



I was just offered a prematch today.. nod


congrats tenderhearts30!!


Thank you, I decided to take it and get over all the stress...

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