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 Juggling mom's - we will we can!  

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  #361 know those moments....sad

really did not know what to it is..whatelse..rolling eyes

still can't resist ..that feeling of going home....shaking head

staying 8000plus miles away from loved ones...emotional tax we much much higher than Obama tax..raised eyebrow

well...did you start your questions Pea..??

Step....I just missed your smart..thats all I can say Step..we have to be smart...survival of the matter what..grin

anybody who have help..use not let this moments go...experienced..advice..grin


chin up! smiling face you're doing great!


How's your day?


so today i did about 75 UW questions of first block was not that great got a 67% but the second block which was only 26 questions was baddd i got a 54%. i was tired while i did the last block but i was determined to finish the last block of cardio so i can move on with micro tomorrow. Now i feel so down because prior to today all my cardio blocks has been 78%,74% and 72% but the blocks from today jus left me discouraged.

Now here is my plan for tomorrow go over this block of 26questions of cardio and figure out why i got a 54%. then i will also read some FA micro. then maybe try to do one block of blood vessels on UW.


Hey super mom ur working so hard!
So keep it up!
Good strategy!!

Good luck!!


Hi everybody...!!!

Here begins...Holidayyyyyys!!! Means...night out study time on the way..but no rushing running pick up /drop off......hopefully...ho p e f u l l y!!!!!

MD...Thx a bunch..we will we will...nod are doing great!!! is it going???

Ha..just finished all winter concerts and ginger bread houses...!!!!!

850..still to go!! plus FA and Goljan..!


Good job , only 850 left .

Am so busy w/ holidays ... not able to start my micro yet though Q were set , ready to go ... hopefully this yr sticking out tongue

Did live when ever on so not much out of track grin

See u all next yr so happy holidays everyone nod

Have a warm safe winter too & study as time permitwink


MJ pl check ur pm asap, thnx.


MJ... looks like you will be able to get stuff done during the holidayssmiling face .. only 850... that is good. it is a doable number, just imagine if you had not done whatever you have done so far. Makes you thankful for the 850smiling face


Hey mj
How's everyghing?
I am doing questions too
Lots to do!!
But u keep up the good work
Keep going!


MJ wishing you have a safe , warm winter
& good fm time in this holidays
plus good going for ur Qs nod

Happy New Yr to you & friends !
tmr may not able to come up to wish , since will be busy smiling face


Happy New Year, MJ!!


My dearest All....!!!

Thankyou for being here..remembering our bonds..I feel..this is the best it did happen to me in 2013!!

I am I walk thru..2014..I am more stronger than what I was in beginning of 2013!!

May this year...bring all the best it has in each and every day for us, let the moments we spent..turn out to be the stronger stepping stones to build our dreams..May we achieve..and see each other crossing the line with smiling face..Ameeen!!

UB..started with full focus..and plan for the holidays...but lie isn"t like the pressure started a wise mom/wife..I slowed down..and wrapped the holidays time most memorable to everybody!!

School starts back to work!! accept one more week to finish my target!!

pea..keep going..we will do this!!

MyAngel...thankyou..thankyou..with a biig warm hugs!!

Shwee..can I hear you now?? can't wait..pea..join us..just like that 30 mins session of venting out..: )

back to books/questions..holding behavioural science..wanna finish it today!!


Happy new year! may i join the skype group? id: mommy.duck123


Hey mj....
Time given to family is never wasted!!!
Keep going!!!
2014 we have a lot to achieve this year!!


MJ any time 1st 2 wk less busy since will restart Q mid month .

Now is plan for micro read from 02 Jan, but yesterday ends up clean up some rooms & spend time with fm wink though no regret on my side, fm was Qing why am not start my study yet for this yr sticking out tongue so see now they are get used to our study behind the door grin
Lets do it send me pm or skype or g talk re time set for our 1 hr FA wink

P... hope see you some time on skype toosmiling face


How is every body doing dear ones...??

Trying to catch up in midst of extreme colds....schools closed...!!!

with vigorous questions sessions...I tied up skipping the pages..again just can"t wait to get in wrap up!!

My time ...seems very short..irony..this is what it is..hoping the miracle help....lets see!!

hope you all doing great....hang in there...just keep matter what!!


snow...snow....snow...snow...snow....snow...snow....and only snow...grin a pocessive mom...guarding my kids..myself and family..raised eyebrow

well...well...always wants to sit on my couch..rather driving around cold..!!

when home..just want to keep myself warm..and kids eat a lott..asks for all warm stuffs..grin

RR..Patho..Goljan...FA...and questions!!

Shwe after your teeth business...we will run the late night hsow..sitting warm and cozy..with my blue tooth!!!cool

Can't wait..just can't clear all jackets/boots/caps/gloves...raised eyebrow

I have to run this show..before vacation...vent..vent...atleast my feet feels warm today..grin


Snow ... I kind of love it ... if you are in the car , not walking on the street among snow banks/ small mountain sticking out tongue in windy corner sad

Bake warm food including samosa, biryani or any hot meal ... makes me hungrygrin

MJ , teeth business never ended ... anyhow we will run our show side by side ... no time to wait ........ so see you soon, check ur skype nod.


Hello Everyone,

I was jus thinking of how i can pass this exam well and thought about pathoma videos because I have heard people talking about it. what are your thoughts on Pathoma has anyone used it?

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