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 Juggling mom's - we will we can!  

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  #1 here, before its getting tooooooooo morning, got up and asked God's help and guidence..and begged in front of HIM..I want to do this..and i will do this, only if U be with me..

HE smiled..and said yes yes..U can do this..

In my juggling world I have my dearest husband, and 3 little one who keeps my all senses occupied all the time. Last 5 yr..time well spent cooking and delivering kids...5yrold, 2.5yrold..beautiful boys and just 3months..glowing little girl. I AM DONE..yes, I am done with my family.

Now, I am taking the task which I left 6yrs back...staying in this country 8yrs..and now dreaming, hoping, fill the missing part of my career..!!

So, here I I am..God please Help me!

Anybody spending ur very precious time reading this.., also studying for this tough exam..thank u for ur time!

I just got lost in my own baby making I wanna be what I want to be..will take one at a time, will see..and the rest its HIM to decide, guide me..but I assure I do my very best..God willing!!


Happy studying : )

On Jan 18, 2012 - 1:18 PM, mommthejuggler responded:
nod..thank u ...thank u so much ..this is what I missed all these years..shaking head

sharing my laptop with my son..he wants his bumblebee/transformers at youtube....he is asking..why did u type "thank u" whom are u talking with..? this is not skype ..nor it looks like they all know this so early..disapproval

back to my Goljan cvs page..


Hehe. Well your family is cute. Consider yourself lucky that you got married, had and raised a family at a ripe age. Some that pursue medicine might not be able to have children when they finish with their goals in their career. 

I think you made a wise choice to do it this way. You'll see in a few years you'll look back and pat yourself on the back for spending time with your family and building a strong support structure. I honestly envy you. : )

I can't wait to get married and have kids.


On Jan 18, 2012 - 6:41 PM, mommthejuggler responded:
As I was reading ur son (was making him sleep)..asked "why r u smiling ma.." I just said "yeah..thats my friend.." but again.." when did u start going to school to have friend ma..??" "No..I just got one (many) here" simply said..nod

somewhere..your "Lion" is waiting for you..for sure, but finishing ur study part which consumes most of ur attention, time, energy..will be done by the time ur "cubs"..surround you..I envy you too wink Because I was at that point once...still I keep thinking, what did I do..then, now I do sooooooo much..Ha life moves onsmiling face

Keep going..U will do just great!!


Goal: to finish atleast 5 pages before my eyes shutts off..!

I think: yes, I can..3 of my kids slept off..with "Tiramisu" beside..yummy..I think I can..good thing hubby is at his client site today(one juggling ball less..grin)


good start mommthejuggler.

keep it up.

On Jan 20, 2012 - 12:29 PM, mommthejuggler responded:
thank u planters..
Good start..yes it was, but not really...only good thing it happened so, just that I decided to open my journal..and being with u all here!!!


Well Reporting day: what did I do..after I said I will finish 5 pages..bla bla..

All I enjoyed just 30 mins..and a spoon of my favorite son woke up with bad cough..his cold turned out to be very bad..fever 102.2, calling me now and then, placed myself beside holding him..hearing him cry the other 2yr old woke up..held him on other side..good God, he decided my little 3mnth old..sleep tight..after juggling for a while with my book..have to shutt off light..!!

what"s next..i just could not shutt my eyes..I want to read..I want to read..Ha..Yeah..Goljan audios..strated hearing them long don"t know, but dr. Goljan was so merciful..teaching me when I could not do anything other than listening..How much I did.. don't know I dozzed off!!

well, next day..walk in home..make my son eat..give medicine...vomit..cough..cry...pick this the time I put it down, the other one wanted me..well..well, ok guys..I can do this I patted myself, my driving force my hubbies comforting voice over the phone..

well for a while when everybody calm down..I want to read now....I wanna read..where is my Goljan?? Up in my bedroom..

Ha..for a while I thought I will sleep..I was so tierd with sleepless night..but when I closed my eyes, this journal..some wonderful mom's reminded me " yeah..we are also juggling, kids, husband..: )"

All of a sudden I felt SEE..I AM NOT ALONE..i decided will read no matter...but, well, if I get up with the position I am in..again the crying cycle starts..well I pulled up the kaplan the kitchen ( my books are everywhere...u ask me, u can find everywhere in my lilltle heaven). all they were the clock was ticking..I finished embryology part..of CVS..give me a hugg please : )..

Than I treated myself holding my 3 month old tight..took a deep breath..enjoyed her smile... looking at her changing face..!!I said " WE CAN DO THIS"

So, I planned goljan CVS..but got something of CVS done...felt if this what it is let it be ...never mind, but I WANT TO DO THIS..



Yeah hope one day to have a lion and cubs hehe.

I'm glad you are getting your tasks accomplished. If you can juggle all this then you will surely do well on the test. 



On Jan 23, 2012 - 11:37 PM, mommthejuggler responded: perspective about this test, has changed after having kids..once I thought this is all it is..but now its just a part of my ongoing everchanging life..nod

God..U just hold me tight..I will do this smiling face


Hey there, I 'd rather be jugglng kids and hubby than my boss at work.....Everyone has something to juggle and they passed these tests, so you can too.



On Jan 23, 2012 - 11:41 PM, mommthejuggler responded:
Agree..totally agree..thank u ..thank u soo much for showing up..
anyword..anything..even a smile in my journal makes a big difference here for me..

making me smile ..and move forward...nod


Thanks for the post. It meant a lot. You are correct. I need to focus on important things that work instead of wasteful areas I simply cannot fix, because the fixing needs to be done on the other end. 

So how is your studying going? I hope well. Take care.smiling face

On Jan 24, 2012 - 12:02 AM, mommthejuggler responded:
nod happy to know..u r marching you are.. so I am...smiling face


sitting and typing...not a luxury anymore!
anyway reporting to my 'Juggler Journal':

Hard it is..everybody sick one after another..well as long as I am doing fine, everything is fine nod

in between running around..continuous sleepless nights...I did..

solved tutorial mode 10 questions..with explanations since last 3 days..shaking head

ordered my fa 2012..

was so tierd..just read abdomen part of make it easy myself..

how did i feel: not good..realised i have forgotten so many many ...facts, minute surprises did i ever read this before..can i do this bla bla..raised eyebrow

well..i dont want to see 2013..without passing this step 1..thats the deal..nod
gonno do cvs goljan..let me see how many pages...and anatomy whenever i am in the kitchen..nod

sorry for all small caps..typing with one hand..before my son comes let me click post reply..there i go grin


well..i dont want to see 2013..without passing this step 1..thats the deal. --- same for me.

good ur doing questions as well .i am thinking of doing atleast 10 questions per day  with studying. lets see if it works.

hey the FA is very good ,i loved the colored photos.

On Jan 25, 2012 - 1:16 AM, mommthejuggler responded:
Planters...yes, we are gonno welcome 2013..with a clean PASS ..260 plus..God willing!! So, lets walk..then, hold my we go..nod


Seems, like my journal has become one more ball to juggle with everything..which I already I had..wink But as long as this ball can motivate me to handle other balls effeciently..I keep this with me..nod

4 am here: everybody snoring..means, my luxurious time ever..

Ok, my plan moving forward..

Do First Aid and usmle rx 10 questions a day with explanation.
Keep main system to cover, for now: CVS..RR Goljan... time I stay in my study table.
While in the Kitchen..: one subject to cover: For Now Anatomy..!!

Thinking.. better I juggle with my possibilities of putting this study plan to reality..NO TIME left for trial and errors..

This is what I think:
Master the basics..thats FA with concepts
Whatever I read other books. Goljan/kaplan...I keep coming back to see, the main concepts covered, deligently understand those concepts in the book..

My goal..just get all the stuff you need to just pass, then revise again and again to keep increase ur understanding/score until..I get what I want..BEAT THE MEAN..yes..God willing!

Lets see..what I can do today....God, please help me..make my path easier for me!



Yes, it's hard to stay focused for a length of time, but boy does it feel good when you do. 

Just keep at it. You have all this support, Small details that were forgotten can be remembered. First, try to go for a superficial, cursory look at everything so you feel familiar and not out of place with the subjects. 

On Jan 25, 2012 - 8:34 AM, mommthejuggler responded:
Thank u.. only worry..hope this will also not be another piece meal work..stop go..stop go..

I just want to say good bye once for all..for all these crazy cramming..studying, can't wait to be there where I belong to..Hospital in midst of my patients..smiling face


what did I do?: finished 10 questions..with explanation- usmlerx. every other question got it wrong..sometimes a guess "C" turned out to be right..well, did I know?? yes..I knew..but could not I read the explanation I could remember what it is..poor me shaking head

some concepts..was so mind churning..I just stopped and closed my eyes. Well then gotup n gave nice bath to my little one....singing, talking..our favorite relaxing time ever....after a nice bath as she snuggled in my arms, the way she smelled..took away all my teirdness..grin

then finished 3 pages of vascular disorder..and listened 1 hr goljan lecture in 2 hrs..?? How..well, I was feeding my 2 yr old..kept on rewinding again and again..oh well I did it..wink

Weather is all rainy, cold..chill fresh air..reminds me of my sweet home..imagining my mom being in the kitchen..making something to munch..the thought pushed me make some nice stuff..hubby was a treat..nod

if anybody want to know what did I make..yeah, if I say many of you here may run to my kitchen..will you?? nod

OK..I will give away..from my kitchen to yoursnod : masala dosa, spicy aloo..coconut chutney..and nice instant coffee..Hmmm..that sounds like an heaven..yes it is..for whoever have tasted it..nod

back to my juggling world....


Hehe. I want to come over and have lunch now....

Looks like you are filling in the gaps and reading when you can, you deserve a pat on the back for that. 

I honestly didn't read a single line. I will make it up today.

: ) Let's get this over with, shall we? 

On Jan 29, 2012 - 9:23 AM, mommthejuggler responded:
I knew u would..come, land..thoughts..can feel very much in the cyberworls too..: )



Just logged into post from my BB..
Orelse, its getting so hang around in my journal world..

Past two days..was if I am working in a pediatric clinic..nebulisation..4th hrly, medicine..feed make them sleep..again waakeup cry..nasal block, congestion..cough..just ran the hot shower..closed the door..sat for a while..worked good baby slept well..: )

Ok..I got 2012 colorful First Aid..!
Spent two days..just skimming those pages..!!
Colorful pictures..are a good boost ur photographic memory..!!
If already have made very nice notes..and have made ur own first aid..please hold on to a good old friend : )

Today sunday..just hanging with everybody here..with first aid beside..!

I am glad I could log in from my thaat means, I can visit mine and everbodies journal around..whenever I am feeding the little one..

Let's see how much I can do today...until then..march forward march forward
We should....We can...and. We will do this!!! God willing.


shocked Jan...a month of 2012 is no more...

What did I do? : all I remember running errands...with sick kids..

Can I do this?: If its gonno be like this..I really wonder...

What can I do now? : have to make my study time..atleast five hrs a day..

But How?: OK, my elder one goes to school..9 to 3, this is it..I have to do at this time..but how, 2yr ol and 3 still takes my time..shaking head shaking head

I am exhausted..I don't think so I can do this...this 2012 will also pass..I will be like this..nothing will be changed..I will be where I am now..

Ha..studying tit and bits will not takke me anywhere...what should I do?? What should I do now..rolling eyes


hey stop...., dont go crazy with all this.

admit it ...u have  a family  and so studies will be slow .

most imp is if u keep studying  even if it is slow ,one day u will be done ,but if u stop  studying u will never get what u want and will regret for rest of ur life.

 keep moving even if it is a tortoise speed ,u will win finally.

every body here is oing through this ,esp moms. 

so u r not alone .

 have faith and keep studying.

On Feb 01, 2012 - 11:09 PM, mommthejuggler responded:
Sorry Planters...for being negative and losing hope..

Sleepless nights..took away all my energy....and I couldn't take it anymore..

Just slept off with my they slept off...

That did the magic: got up solved 10 questions and got them all gave my confidence back..even thou its just happened to be so..

May be its God way saying..You know it and you can do it....:: )

When I saw ur message here..It pushed me some more..

Thank you...thank u so much for stopping my nagging thoughts here..

Here I go...


doubts are always waiting to creep in but don't allow them to settle into your heart.

So what if you are going slow? Its one page you didn't know yesterday. Its one page less to go over.

Life and kids and all will tug at us, give it the time it needs and go back to the task you have at hand. Just think of today, what is your goal for today? For this next hour? once its done, be proud of yourself for having finished itsmiling face

I know its easier said than done, but just take a deep breath and have faith in your ability to conquer thissmiling face

We are all behind you, we all feel things you feel, and we will help each other make it. Never think you are alone or no one else understands where you are coming from. smiling face

Hope you can see the potential in all you have and will accomplish!smiling face

On Feb 01, 2012 - 11:15 PM, mommthejuggler responded:
Who could understand me better than you..: ) I read ur each lines..felt tearful..sametime stood straight, buckling up again to do what I have to..

You are just wonderful..thank you..thank u so much..

I would say only good thing happened in Jan..opening my journal have u all here behind me..

Here I line, one on..

Love u..


Hi, hahaha....I'm reading your journal, kind of seeing myself in your position smiling face
Have a 15 month old, with many complicated disease, and no support from husband.
has been on and off studying. and the only test I passed is the cs.
Target to pass step 1 and ck this year.
You're not alone mommy smiling face
Keep up the spirit. Let's do this together!! smiling face

On Feb 01, 2012 - 11:18 PM, mommthejuggler responded:
Thank u...thank u for letting me knnow I am not alone..

Will do matter what..

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