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 2012 a new bginning  

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Hello Friends!
Happy New Year!
Happy and efficient new beginnings!

I am back after a long break. New year, new me, new resolutions:
Starting my plan of attack for STEP 3

January first, starting internal medicine.

I wish everyone a good beginning and good luck to us!


  Here I am 50 pages down the road, tired of the Holidays, family drama, job, bills, especially bills.
I realize the only sane moment I have or the only thing that keeps me sane is the big pile of books. OMG they never talk back and I love it.
The thought that the patient at step 3 could die makes me a bit nervous even if it might be the script and not me. This exam is totally different and I feel like I fell off from the Moon.

I will be moving forward!

Good Luck to everyone myself included!



The March is gone, The MATCH is gone, Residency gone.

No match!

As the troubbing pain of waiting for the result is waning off I can let go of all worries and start at last Step 3 preparation.

I am serious about it. Let's do this! I want to succede more than ever.



I am also looking for a externship/clerkship hands on clinical experience! 


Nothing is changing nothing is moving.

I need to kick myself out of hibernation. 


Emergency medicine MOB 


Happy Monday with coffee and determination!

FA ambulatory med.


Done that.


Diagonal reading FA Step 3 


I'm sorry but I need to ask, I'm an IMG and plan to take my step 3 during September 2012, I'll get my Step 2 CK score and be certified by August 31st, I just need to know whether I can book an examination date during September 2012, or whether there are no examinations during the time (August 31, 2012 -November 1, 2012) please


Hello Tuti! Love your determination. Keep blazing on!! N keep on posting and motivating all of us!!

On Jun 09, 2012 - 7:33 AM, tuti_hami responded:
Thanks for stopping by.


Oh dear Lord, I moved, it took me a month.
Maybe now I can start seriously to prepare for Step 3.
I between 12 hour shifts.


having fun with the flash cards from Conrad Fisher


and work


GI videos
...and work


GI videos done, refining with MTB
... and work at work.


iight yo, I'm on board I'm gonna start killing myself for step 3, you are def right this is a different beast and honestly I find it more difficult than step 1 n 2 both. Why do people say its easier? lol that makes zero sense. I started and am about 1/3 the way through USMLERX Q bank, I'm doing this whole question bank first before I even read anything as a warm up.


Does anyone find the sitting and doing tests annoying?
I will develop decubitus ulcers!
I am frustrated!
I am back preping for step 3


To begin with I need to improve my timing! I am very slow, any sugesstions on how to improve timing?

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