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A healthy 7-year-old boy is brought to the physician 1 week after he was exposed for several hours to a child with chickenpox. The patient and his healthy sister have not had chickenpox. They have not received varicella vaccine. Which of the following is the most appropriate management for the patient and his sister at this time?
A) Administer acyclovir as prophylaxis
B) Administer immune globulin, intravenously
C) Administer aspirin therapy if vesicles appear
D) Advise the parents to keep the siblings home from school to prevent exposing their classmates
E) Inform the parents that a vesicular rash may appear at any time over the next 2 weeks


ABC dont work just wrong. acyclovir or IG to a 7 yo, come on, MAJOR CONTRAINDICATIONS. ASA is for something else right, that other vesicle disease. D and E, hmm not sure about the 2 wks thing.


answer is E, to administer IG, the time frame is ideally 72hrs, or max 96hrs. Also, since they have already been exposed, wait for the rash of chickenpox to develop for 2 weeks, due to incubation period of the virus. If they are chickenpox free after 2 weeks, the give the vaccines.

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