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 CS doubt in FA Kap UW you used  

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if i try i can leave in may for electives..

Q1 ) how much do you think..cs is changing..

if i be done with my school by may...n take cs before 19th may ...

will it be possible to pass...

Q2) howmuch time and material will be required to study...prepare..with no steps done

i would have not have had..USCE..before appearing for cs..

so will you advice..Q 3) to appear with new pattern with few month of elective experience

or ..Q4) just 6-8 weeks of preparation without any USCE
I am bit scared as couldnt prepare coz..of personal things..for step1..n was busy..n have to start afresh..

On Feb 12, 2012 - 11:43 PM, shwe responded:
New one Cs need more typing this main reason every one rushing if like me do not like typing , also it need you to give reason why DDx or investigation is order something like that .. check on or ecfmg site so more works we did not want to put on top of exm timed frame pressure.

Lots did Cs b4 any tests. You done final clinical so u already familiar with lots so good to do Cs as fresh grad, but we will talk detail re on e mail or skype .

Important Key is apply now it takes 3 wk to get schedule permit , need form 186 certified by notary or dean depends ur status .. will determined by u ,& ecfmg when u apply & paid which is online .. application ..half done only,
then only after they receive ur form 186 with photo then they will count from there 3 wk to e mail u the schedule permit so u can do ,get, grasp, set center , date , time AM for exm day right away ie as soon as u got schedule permit ... then u can get spot for CS date for exm which is running out but if u have permit u can grasp it asap when some one cancel , move their date , center.. will talk about it when we chat on skype .

Start with watching target you tube re cs & browse her webs..
She also has CS tips in CS forum . Her skype id I can e mail u if u like to know her classes . She may still have free session as a start .

In e mail will tell u what to use , k..later ..... really late here almost 3 am .
e mail is better from now on since may not come to forum much or or at all till \cs done in few months .

GL to me, you too bro & us nodwinknod


For bro manoj & friends & CS preppers...

Never too early to start the CS , learn slowly 1st ,then when all in place ... FA , UW [PE] done once or well up to ur confidence level of CS then, start doing mini/long cases with friends with timed ... better with MBBS or MD friends, even better if already or recent done or passed CS. If no live sp, start with skype sp then do live sp more then skype , when closer to CS exm day like 3 wk or 1 mo .

Bottom line ... not like others said study , practice 2 wk is enough ... I doubt it , even full time long hr study with right sp .

It needs time to sink into the CS mood, act without being obvious of u r acting , talk, typing style , even fast typer.. still need to b in flow, know the trend of the way they use in this side of the way for PN & way they think is humble , polite way in here ,
so fluent English means not much ... yes ... you can speak well but ...
the test is testing you ..
can you speak ...[ ask Hx with transitions, para phrases ] &
[ask permission to do ]
examine [ do PE ] &
give summery,
closing re management of the c/o ...
ie re what is the
Dx ,
what tests u will do and ,
answer challenging Q in " very nice, humble, gentle , with care while under pressure " ie total 15 min time frame u need to b in nice & smooth mode, mood, way as mention in " ... "
without time allow to think , blink , just keep rolling smoothly, keep talking, keep doing PE , then keep talking till u r out of room
without showing ... rushing in ur speed of speech, tone, act , PE while in the room .

Then 10 min typing , to be in the time frame,
either v v v fast typer or
if regular typer ... better know what to type as their trend here ... their format , their abbreviations.
..." Need to type continuously w/o any thinking , blinking, or looking at ur blue sheet , or pausing even 1 sec ... make sure all info flow out from ur mind to hand spontaneously, continuously like u r writing v fast but u r typing .

This is just my point of view so far re CS , if any opinion changes .. will post here again . Every day is still learning though ... I can say am at the comfort level now ... but still need to keep on practice to maintain the level to excellent level wink till the day nod

May all CS goer know ahead , how, what to prep b/4 hand ways ahead cause depnds on ur free time, u may need more than 1 or 1.5 mo to start ahead . Ideal is 1.5 mo as comfort level, 1 mo as v intense study I guess.
Will see.

GL to me , us , all nod

coolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face

ps hope can stay away from here to focus my study re CS .
So pm or e mail me if any, thnx .


Try to post live sp in local city GTA area , but for some reason it did not go through madgrin


Like to type in capital but most said better not be, so will rty to practice, will see how it goes, have only little time left since typing need lots of practice.
so far no live sp , but not able topsot so who will know I like to have

live sp in GTA ??? anyone . hope some one will run into it & reply me in GTA sticking out tongue

FA ... has all Q but if u askall u doom, so what, which Q to skip so far nada sad
So will talk fast but not showing rushing ... need acting lesson guysgrinnod

Is FA is enough .. common Qs , do we need to get uw online to get extra cases ??

K , back to study, typing , hope all also studying hard for Cs .. not same liek other u cannot do on off, has to be continuously intense till last min grin

k, let me post what I will do routinely in cases in next post wink


CS ... I will win you nodnodnod

The speech , the sweet on top of that is the speed of talk, smooth w/o showing u r rushing in ur tone, voice, mood, physical sticking out tongue But do speak continuously , smoothly , non stop till u done all even while typing ... speak in ur mind non stop re DDx, workup, PE , Hx ...... NEVER STOP THINKING ..... while typing....... u Can do itnod !
also while asking Q ... NEVER STOP FLOW OF THOUGHT & Qs.....nod
................................ nodEVERY SEC: COUNTnod


The more u read the more u know, the more u practice ... but w/ great ... the better u will be nod

Live SP needed ... cannot post at the new topic for sp looking, hope Go dwill guide some local GTA girl to answer my live sp call smiling face

coolgrinnodwinksticking out tonguenodsmiling faceGL to megrinnod


CS practice kind of less , suppose to be more since in next month . The problem is start with good sp but all done exm already a while ago so , lost momentum.

Hope , any exm taker w/ well Fa prep will come on the way to practice non stop , daily .

CS .. key is keep talking, in action w/ good smooth , less tense , forget about acting, take sp as pt then u will b A OK . While talking have to have next action, Q , talking come out automatically w/o have to think .
Same in PN typing, if u think u loose ur time .. like u snooze , u loose grin

Am doing FA ,
some kap cases
but uw cases not touch yet or not sure will do .. will see .
Neeraj has some cases but nor sure will do them all or not .

Keep practicing shwe w/ or w/o sp ... u can do it nod

GL to me , us , all nodcoolnod


GL shwe..smiling face 

U r giving it early so prepare well , simulate all encounters Cases (twice) once c study partner n once with some1 who has given exm..

tc atb

On Mar 26, 2012 - 9:32 PM, shwe responded:
Thnx bro, thnx for tips , info, & others wink ... will go over as last days review .

Live in city not much ppl prep or live far out of town from me so , no sp live or sp done exm live.
But has good frds done exm ... can answer my doubts , guide things I am confused with like in PE , how to phrase the hx in best way etc & be calm etc , even the way how to dress ....... thnx to all .


good luck my friend ..may allah will be with you well and come back here to share your experience...wish you all the best ,all the succes..stay calm and confident ..good luck smiling face

On Mar 31, 2012 - 8:56 PM, shwe responded:
Thnx a lot confidence . It means a lot especially ur id name give me more confidence ... yes CS need confidence so u will looks like pro professional Doc grin
Sure will share the experience smiling face

Pl keep pray for me exm next month mid .
Having here & there hiccup re health so pl all my friends here ... need serious praying daily for me being strong & well in health , calm with great smooth CS day .

Thnx confidence & all friends .nod

Am busy studying Cs for last study so will be away from here mostly.
But u all know I could not stay away from here long wink

GL GL GL happy success study to me , us , all nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


K, CS ... read FA , extra UW & Kap ... boy ... lots to digest, memorize ... sure no wonder one of the friend said being exhausted w/ prep so like to give exm asap grin
Well for me ... yes exhausted but refresh, de-stress by family night out so ... here I go Cs ... I will still be happy to be w/ FA, UW, Kap till last day of the prep sticking out tonguewink

Am lucky to get great sp , thank God .nod Thnx friends,

K, let me do last stretch ...c u all here later .
Have a great wk end nod


GOOD LUCK to all CS takers wink

nodsmiling facenodwinknodwinknodgrin


I just post last one days b4 my success day wink

re:review ...Last few days is key, no matter how well you prep , to get ease on the Day .......
1. you should have set your mind ... straight [ ie keep your mind straight ...word from good closed friend in last month of prep ]
2. be calm
3. believe in ur self
4. open minded
5. know DDx

6. for me I feel ready only after review all cases quick but without anxiety or tension,which hit me at one point at early hr of last day review .. that frozen me in term of reading ... reviewing just stuck w/o get into head .. & no page progress, but thank God ... I overcome it w/ music & walking around in great big hotel room with great beautiful view & sunshine balcony & back to smooth normal quick review mind , reading . Key is take it easy ... u can do it when review all .. eat cases little by little, instead of put all big pile of cases in front of you .
Off course am with whole family , they give me good support , since I said I will sit tight at hotel & study , while they are out buying breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack , my few food & drink for the exm day .
Anyway ... so I did manage to review all cases from all my study materials, but after exm , was thinking .. do I over prepare by reviewing all ie FA, UW , kap35, but better be safe than sorry .

In general... If you do focus hx, PE , PN ... that helps so hope CS takers will do focus not like whole package like FA we practice, FA is just for training, get u use to, practice no matter point of cases come .
So do FA [ whole book from hx encounter to long, mini cases], UW, k35 well but in exm room do FOCUS & believe it as real pt & u r a Dr on duty on that day.
Well do & don't of prep may b too early to say ... but this is how I prep, feel that need to prep, do for this CS .
Ok, so it's done, I feel relieve & less weight on my shoulder now.. back to st 1, & Ck study . Hope can do all one after another .

At the start of prep.. have all material organized in files , never too early to looking for & start with SPs . Keep SP till last day , for practice, for reviewing all cases .

2 month waiting time , well that will pass fast since , am going to studying & enjoying life with family , gathering too winkgrinnod

So have done my side well , rest up to God praying time smiling face

Wish me luck nod, hope can come back & give my good news & experiences nod

DO NOT Take CS as light & easy task ... need FT , well concentrated , well mind & health physical & mentally , without anxiety & nervousness . So take it as like other steps & prep well 1.5 to 2 mo FT then , am sure we all will be in success lane , me too nod

GL to me, us , all nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


shwe congratulations on being done ..oh my dear i'm so happy for you and thanks for the valuable advices i sure will follow them prayers with you wish you a big pass
i have actually a phobia for this cs and i wish one day i can come here and share my experience in this forum like you ..i wish overcome my fear for it and say i'm done finally with my cs ..may be?????
anyway my dear shwe you and Dr004 gave me a confidence..and i thank you for that ..wish you a big success both of you

On May 18, 2012 - 8:05 PM, shwe responded:
Thnx my friend, sorry for delay in my reply . Have not regular in forum much especially forget this site grin

Glad that my long posts help u re ur future CS . But new system is here so u better read it re on official site & guide from good frds since here what am I saying is generally true, good for CS but the style of approach, PN may b have to emphasize as per new style demand ways wink

Thnx, keep praying, result will not come till next month late or mid smiling face to b officially knowing it's really done grinnod
So far been busy for next steps so even forget this & let say we all should assume that we did it with good outcome, if we think we had done well on that daynod

GL to u too nod


Well the time is approaching , hope in June get great high performance... good news .

Wish me luck & wish all too nod

GL GL GL to me, us , all nodcoolnodcoolnodcoolnodgrin


Butterfly tiny since CS result will be out this month, pray hard smiling face to get it great , need friends prayers for CS result too, thnx folksnod

Looking forward to hear all good news from everyone including me like last batch friends pouring the good news one after another non stop , cross the country & around the world winknod

GL GL GL to me, us , allnodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


Good luck with your result sis smiling face, when is it coming???

On Jun 06, 2012 - 10:43 AM, shwe responded:
Thnx sis , since result is nearer , need more serious prayer from all friends near & far wink

It said in Jun , as per official is 20 th , but some said could be 15 th .

GL to me , us , all CS takersnodcoolnodcoolnodcoolnodcool


My advice to anyone taking cs
1. know first aid cases very well ,
2. Practice cases like real examn, with time running and surprise cases.
3. Practice typing patients notes in cs webside
4. be kind to patient But at the same time don't panic and be in control of the situation...You are the doctor! ASk questions..gather information from you patient..
Do what you have to do with respect..forget that they are recording you or that its a A DOCTOR...DONT PANIC.

Also, pray .pray ...PRAY TO GOD and HE WILL HELP YOU!

I didn't have time to close in my first 5 encounter, I was finishing Physical examn of my long cns ,diabetic patients....but I excuse myself and leave the room .
I did some minors mistake on my patients note, I didnt complete 2 patients notes properly. I have two dificult cases
List goes on....

I wish you guys well...good luck with cs

God Bless you!

On Jun 06, 2012 - 11:10 AM, shwe responded:
Thnx , need lots of good wishes & prays to get great pass nodgrin

Lots of frds passed already with great performances so , hats off to them , am hoping & praying for it too winknod


Wishing me nod
& friends, CS takers for ...... CS great high performances passing

Pl wish, pray for me too, all friends & CS takersnod coolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face


Finally , after 2 mo + torturing feeling of waiting patiently , try to suppress the when the result , how would it b ........... I PASS CS ....will try to post for experiences so all can benefits what to do , what not to do etc how to prep .

GL to rest of the friends still waiting for the e mail nod

  #40 in case like to see my exm CS experinces though prep detail is here in this journal.
I summarized, high light points to prep there , GL nod

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