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 NBME score aproximation  

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I was wondering if anybody who took the NBME form 2 for step 3(online version) got that table which aproximates the real exam score. I took the NBME on sunday and they only gave me the NBME score without the USMLE 3 digit score aproximation. I really don't know if there is such a table for step 3 but for step 2 CK I got it and I knew aproximatelly which will be my exam score.....If there is anybody who did an online NBME for step 3, please tell me if you got that table which aproximates the real exam score.

Thanks to anybody who's willing to help!


The same happened with me and what left me more confused is that I got extremely low score of 110 and I was shocked. my UW simulation score was 440/203 and this is completely different. UW questions got 53% correct. I really need some directions or good advice.


I took the CCMSA Take 1 (the first one) on Jan 17 and got 430. Jan 30 I completed CCMSA Take 2 (the new one) on Jan 31 and got 180. Granted between both of them I was studying the CCS. I heard the 2nd one is tougher and I think I felt a little short on time compared to the first one. However this is a big drop. I even called NBME and they said there were no omitted questions. I completed 55% of UW with 52% average. I took the UWSA around November and score corresponded to about 188 (just below passing.) I have read MTB and kaplan pocket guide and did kaplan qbook.

Thus all my scores make sense except the CCMSA #2. I have taken the nbme for step 1 and 2 and the scores all made sense were quite accurate before. I am dumbfounded by this.

I ended up rescheduling the exam because of the score. I talked to the nbme people and they did not say there was a mistake. they noted i ran out of time on each block. also others feel nbme form 2 for step 3 is harder. for step 1 they have 7 nmbes of varying difficulty.


so ...anyone who gave nbme 2 and can compare their real exam scores especially from'll be really helpful..


I did form 2 3-4 days before the real thing (exam 23&24 jan). Form 1 was 490 form 2 640 (1 d apart). UW Selfass. 229. Real thing 237/87. Hope it helps! Good luck!


NBMEs for step 3 are so dumb. I got a 360 on NBME 1, freaked out, took NBME 2 literally the next day (not even 12 hrs apart)... and I got a 520. UWorld assessment I took about 6 weeks back and I got a 550

So take it for what you will... I take the test nxt week.. let's see what happens


I got 140 on NMBE FORM 2 , I do not know what does it mean and how to correlate that to actual exam?
I took the test in jan and failed got 71%
any help????


Hi there, Can someone tell me how to check USMLE Step 3 score online? Thanks

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