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 step 3 after a gap  

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 i am going through this website to find the resources. What i have to start is step 2 material and first aid for step 3. I am starting with those as a start until i make a better study plan. My goal step 3 in April or May. I applied for residency with no luck so far so i decided to go for step 3. I had 78 and 79 in step 1 and 2. and my aim now to rock step 3 to make up for that. If anyone would like to join me so we can discuss our study plan. Good luck to  everyone.


Please anyone???


Hi Mommy, you will have a giant work a head, specially because your scores in your previous steps are low but you sound you are persistent which is a powerful weapon. The foundation for step 3 is step 2 so I would advice you to have a comprehensive review for step 3. I don't think just FA will do it. Try to find a good review book, perhaps kaplan notes for ck, kaplan videos for step 3, master the boards or other, i would say to make your studies less boring you can do kaplan qbank tutor mode after each topic, once you finish that then go to UW q bank and try to to timed blocks. At the end do  a self assessment exam and see where you are, don't pay for the exam until your self assessment result tell you are ok to ace this exam. Good luck!


Thank you for your reply MICUU. I have Kaplan step2 notes. I am starting with these. I will go through this for Dec and January to refresh my memory. I am watching your progress. You sound like you are doing a wonderful progress. I think your test is coming soon. Good luck to you


Hi Mommy! I seem to be somehow in the same state as you are a year ago. I have lower scores, finished both tests in 2007.certified in 2009. And now I'm trying to get back where I left off. So how was your step 3?any tips. I am reviewing step2 kaplan videos as I really have forgotten alot. Did you join the match? Anyway, good luck to us all.


Hi Mommy, ryemd and MICCU. I am in the same boat, as I passed steps in 2007 and 2008 with low scores of 83 and 85. Now I am preparing for Step 3 in November. I think we can form a strong team if we keep coming on this forum. I am preparing from MTB, UW and that's all I can afford to do as I work full time. I have just started studies so lets team up so we can motivate each other.


Hi lastcrusade. I guess we could use some encouragement from each other. And I hope others would join as well so we can kill this exam smiling face

I'm not working right now. But I still haven't found my pace back in studying. I'll be busy though in the next few months studying and taking care of my baby when I arrive in the US. I plan to take the test in January or February.

I'm using Kaplan step2 videos right now. It's really taking alot of time. But it does refresh me alot. I wasn't able to watch these for my step2 because I got hold of this copy near my exam sched. I hope watching this would make a big difference. I'm also reviewing NMS step3 questions step2 questions and I'll be doing UW after finishing the videos. I'm reading FA, and I'll buy MTB when I get to the US.

Looks like you have your hands full with work and review. But I think being short of time for review gives you an extra push compared to the laxity I have right now.

I would like to join your review. However, I'm not sure how we can do it. Or what's the set-up going to be. Anyway pm me your thoughts how we can go about this. Again good luck and God bless us all with this exam! smiling face


check ur pm ryemd


Could you update please what you guys have studied so far? When are you planning to write it?


Hi everyone. I'm still on a slow pace studying. Somehow, I feel frustrated discovering that the materials I have are outdated. I'm still refreshing myself with step 2 ck videos (i think year 2001) and lecture notes from kaplan (copyright 2010) I will have to buy MTB when I arrive in US and subscribe UW after finishing these stuff I have. I'm taking the exam in january/february.

I'm not sure how we can all help each other. How about posting a question a day. And then we could discuss the mgt here...I'll start posting later. I hope you guys won't mind. Anyway, i hope everyone's moving forward with their review. Happy reviewing!


hi guys i am in the same boat as u r my scor is 86 88 and not a single iv i am old grad and have one fail so i  want to ace step 3 may be it will open a door for me lets encourage each other


You are welcome. When are you planning to write it? How much have you studied?


hi everyone

I want to sit for exam in march right  now I am reading step 2 ck and mtb to getherafter that I WANT TO DO KAPLAN Q BOOK AND THEN Q BANK AND THEN UW what do u think guys please write and motivate each other by the way any body in atlanta? 

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