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Hehe.., let me narrow down.. Do you recommend Kaplan DVDs?

On Feb 04, 2012 - 4:42 PM, Obecalp responded:
Never used them. Could only find some really, really low-res vids. If you have a good step 1 score (recently), then you don't need a comprehensive text or vids. 


Thank you so much for this wonderful post! And congratulations on your great scores.
I would like to know what do you think of Step up to step 2 in comparison to first aid step 2 ck. Since DIT is using step up to step 2 and a lot of people are saying good things about step up to step 2 , I am a little bit confused which book to study from.
Thank you.

On Mar 07, 2013 - 4:44 AM, Obecalp responded:
Read my first post again. DIT 2CK is garbage - and step-up is decomposed carbage.

However, DIT step 1 +FA was to my liking.


Hi! I'm an IMG and I am planing to take usmle step 2 in 8 months. After so much research and reading all the experiences in different forums, at last I decided  to study kaplan lecture notes and videos, MTB, FA and UW and not to overthink the resource choice anymore. I started with infectious disease, but after finishing the chapter on kaplan, I noticed that the book didn't mention anything about rabies, tetanus, leprosy, malaria, pinworm, febrile neutropenia, leishmaniosis and many other important topics! Also The explanations for some parts like gastroenteritis or UTI treatment were too brief. And most importantly, subjects like endocarditis prophylaxi , indications of surgery in endocarditis or retroviral treatment of HIV were completely outdated (compared to the information provided in Harrison). So, I'm back to where I was, not knowing what to do to get a good mark in the test. I searched for a good review book again, and I found toronto notes both to be very uptodate and to cover all these subjects, but it is so detailed and full of tables. It would take me years to memorize all that information. 
I'm totally lost! I don't know what to do, I'm even considering to give up on the whole USMLE thing. 
How do you get such great marks with doing just FA and UW? Is it because you have a good basis in medicine? In my country, general medicine is a seven year course!!! And yet we don't have an acceptable medical knowledge. It's so disappointing. We spend many years just taking history from patients and doing some routine tasks like suturing, splinting, and these sort of things, without learning much from medicine. While for example Americans spend only four years in medschool and both their basic science a clinical knowledge is at a very advanced level. 
So, I wonder if you can give me some advice on what to do, or not to do. 
Thanx a lot and congrats on your resultsmiling face

On Mar 07, 2013 - 4:43 AM, Obecalp responded:
You are over-analyzing - why are most people using Kaplan + FA, or just FA in addition to Q-banks? Because it's insufficient? Because they like low scores? Well, look around the forum, people (including myself) have used only these sources - and some have done well, others not so well..

What you need to get into your head is this: 

- Step2CK curriculum is massive

- You don't have a couple of years to learn the material

- You should study a high-yield source (=source that covers most tested subjects). USE FIRST AID!

- FA is only the very basics, but it's all you need

- Complete UW, Kaplan Qbank, USMLERx - and annotate FA as you go along.


Why did I do so well, you ask?

Hard work + self-assessment. Eazy....


hi there,
first of all, wish u goodluck for ur match on mondaysmiling face My question is that using the 3 qbanks and annotate in FA takes how much time? i read ur posts in which u mentioned that u did 3 blocks per day and gave the exam within 9 wks duration.Can u just shed some light on this ?? How much hrs u put?

On Mar 11, 2013 - 12:42 PM, Obecalp responded:
Well, actual study time was less than 9 weeks, as I was moving about all the time, but I studied around 12 hours a day. Doing the qbanks doesn't take very long when you are completing >4 blocks a day. Annotating FA as you go along takes perhaps 10-15 minutes per block in the beginning....


congrats ! Goodluck with the residencysmiling face


this is for u regarding step 1. sry tht thread is dead or sumthin

hi obecalp, fantastic post . i havent read a precise concise and a practical post anywhere. u seem to be hell bent on warning others abt giving wrng advice.nod
But a gr8 match for u in the end. congrats for tht.
Two things i wanted to ask is how imp DIT and did u have company durng the prep or marched alone??
hope u reply......its been a long time...thnx


how many qs you got wrong in nbme 1.Please respond.There was on q on block 4 and q1 , that says treatment of siadh , it is fliuid restriction or normal saline as the guy was seriously hyponatrimic and little bit symptomatic


Hey Obecalp, thanks for your detailed post;
You should do a similar post for CS as well, if you remember what you did/studied

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