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 did not know what to answer  

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on my exam i recently took i had this question (dont remember entire question and answers but the essence is there)

a 48 years old widow (husband died 2 years ago) comes to your office for routine check comments she have a boyfriend (question tried to make clear she just began dating now) . what would be best recommendation you can give

a) dont remembr exactly but something like sex therapy
b) talk about anticonceptive therapy
c) something related with no appropriate mourning
d) adv about std (specifically histo papilloma virus)
e) etc

im breaking my head with what would be the correct one, cuz shes a widow for 2 years so she had a right mourning (nothing in the questions makes you think other wise), she dont need sex therapy, anticonceptive therapy?????? (i chose that one LOL), adv about std i dunno cuz she had only 2 partners (late husband and new boyfriend)


thxs in advance guys




Is this for real exam question? They really go crazy sometimes....

I would choose advices regarding std


yes this was an actual question

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