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 suicidal friend  

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I have a friend that is suicidal. She has attempted to end her life with pills on a number of occasions. She has depression and I swear she is bi-polar too. She also has huntingtons. So, are her suicidal attempts legit or is she just doing this to get everyone's attention?


If your friend has Huntington's disease that's a good reason to be depressed and suicidal. If I had Huntington's I would certainly feel the same way. If she has attempted to end her life before there's a good chance her attempts are legit, and she might be trying to get other's people attention as well. But nobody cares. Everybody is busy trying to make a decent living and anyway there's no cure for Huntington's. There's tons of research but no cure so far.  But she has options. She might make an advanced directive now to donate her organs to many people in dire need of them. She might try to connect with potential organ recipients and make a meaningful rest of her life. Her depression might go away this way. They would be thankful she came forward.   

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