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 Surgiacal IV/Rejection List  

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wright state & univ. of iowa


iowa not in my list


Include me to your lovely list.


Could anyone explain to me what exactly meaning of EXTREMELY HIGHLY QUALIFIED APPLICANTS is ? I was wondering how many of these out of this world candidates have applied this year ? I don't know whether they just applied this year, which each single ERAS email mentioned to me!!!!!!


yeap I am tired of reading the same email over and over! one of the emails I received mentioned 1200 applicant


"EXTREMELY HIGHLY QUALIFIED APPLICANTS" are people who have totally swallowed the bullshit of our system. These are individuals who push the envelop, who pass all tests with high marks, who work like slaves, who contrary to all evidence have more than 24 hours per day. These people sleep only 2-3 hr/daily and during the interview they reply to the question "Do you have a weakness?" with "I sleep too much". These are the people who build pyramids like those in Egypt that leave tourists with open mouths completely marveled at human accomplishments, these people can achieve anything EXCEPT organize a strike, or bargain for better wages, or bargain for more sleep time because in fact, they are convinced they sleep too much.

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I am kinda thinking interview invites are over.


Sadly I believe so.


we've got no choice just to WAIT

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Saint Mary's Hospital


I've not heard anything for a while. I am making up a new saying - No news is bad news !


St. Mary's rejection. I wanted to respond HAPPY THANKSGIVING A** Hole! But, then I thought that might be a bad idea.


I just decided to change my nickname to Kunfu Panda ----Inner Peace, Inner Peace........nodgrin


beth israel rejection


Happy Thanksgiving everyone..Enjoy your holiday and be ready for black Friday. I've heard Apple have some offer on Friday. Don't miss it. Forget about surgery for a while and have a blastgringringrin

Ohh I forgot, today I cleared my Step3 79/205. I know my score is so terrible but I don't mind. USMLE IS DONE.


your score is not terrible - they changed the 2-digit system recently. I guess 205 is around 90 in old one.


@kibiron: Really, thank you very much.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! Enjoy the holidays and forget about this whole process for a few days.


Rej. from Emory. HAPPY MONDAY. raised eyebrow


Emory and Duke Rej yesterday

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