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 Surgiacal IV/Rejection List  

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HI everyone

I hope everyone is doing well. I thought of making a thread for 2012 sirgery match like IM. If you would like pls post Interviews / Rejections , and help each other during this stressful time .

I applied 115 surgery programs. onerejection so far , but i am afraid my Inbox will be full of rejections soon .

Good luck to all


i suggest you guys write your score ,year of graduation,usces and lors too beside no of programs you applied to

that would be great to help the upcomers next years as mesmiling face to find thier way easily and to know how competitve surgery is

good luck to you all


 Marshall University general surgery

rejection sad


ME too rejected by Marshall, Uni of Maryland and Arbington Memorial so far expecting lots more.


is it just u n me here or what?


lol looks like it, where are all the surgery applicants? the IM and general thread is getting hits but no one here. is that cos not many ppl applied to surgery or are surgical candidates reluctant to post? anyway doctor_mhl keep posting


i think they are reluctant , may be because of the dramatic end sad


This is the most silent thread of all


lol grin





Dear Applicant:
After careful review by our selection committee, we regret to inform you that
your application was not selected for an interview.  However, your application
will remain on file.
what does this mean??
is it a final rejection or on a waiting list or what?
University of Texas Southwestern-Austin


after contacting them , It's a rejection , way to start the week 


four rejections so far, nil today....yet. dont know if the silence is good or bad.



what are the 4 places buddy ?


Lets keep this post post alive.
2 rejections so far: Swedish,Bronx-Lebanon


why dont you try to post your creditational guys or atleast write it in ur signature and write down how many program did you apply too?

atleast for us the upcomers next season to see how competitive is the surgery position


Washington Hospital Center General Surgery Program
University of North Carolina
Uni Alabama Gen Surg
Uni of Maryland
Marshall Uni

The above all rejected me, so far. Applied to 112 programs


Your Credentials guys, please!


Rejections as of now :

Uni of Toledo
Uni of Arizona
Uni of Northcarolina
Palmetto Health /Uni of S Carolina

No Interviews sad


Any more news here guys?

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