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 How I remember the Gram - Rods  

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Here is how I remember the gram negative rods:

so there are the Enterics you know they like to steal your food, man.... the 13 homeless people... they are so unlucky.
Yea, ma man E.Coli.. He's cool you know he keeps to himself and does his own thing.
Now, the rest hang out in pairs of 2.
Shigella and Salmonella, they smell like S**t, they hang out by the dumpsters.

Yersinia and Klebsiella they are the Hoe's! they be trying to get it in and make some money!

Proteus and Enterobacter: Now, Proteus is a Pro thief! He just steals things while Enterobacter is always after him "Enterrogating" him for his actions!

Serratia and Vibrio: Serratia, she ma home girl.. she chill you can have a nice converSATIA(conversation) with her. Initially you get a nice Vibe from Vibrio but be careful, he is kinda shady.

Campylobacter and Helicobacter: Camylobacter is always campin' out at different locations while, Helicobacter keeps an eye out for them.. like a helicopter.. he is paranoid!

Pseudomonas and Bacteroides: Pseudomonas... you can't really tell... is it a HE/SHE pseudo? and Bacteroides is just a fat ass guy... always eating... gettin the "itis"

Now for the rest there is a story:
Haemophilus was confused about his sexuality so he went to a strip club called "ELLA"
you know the girls dance around RODS

now the first girl that came on stage was LEGIONELLA... she wore a silver armor and looked like she belonged in a legion out of a war!
the 2nd girl BORDETELLA... poor thing, she looked so freaking bored!
the 3rd FRANCISELLA... she was kinda cute, with her french maid outfit on.
the 4th BRUCELLA.... she reminded him of Bruce Lee... you know with her Asain eyes.
the 5th Pasteurella: she was weird... definitely old school with her milk maid outfit!
the 6th did not belong in a strip club, but rather the Simpson's... she looked just like Bart simpson.. BARTONELLA.
the last she had flowers in her hair and a cute flower dress... like she just came out of a garden... GARDNERELLA.

THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE! It just helped me remember the Gram negative Rods and I'm just throwing it out there for people if it helps!


awesome....thnks a lot...




keep up the good work in trying to help others out..


As a clinical microbiologist, I would not include Gardnerella with the gram negative rods. Technically it is a gram variable rod and is not identified by any of the same means that other gnr's are ID'd. It is implicated as a pathogen in the condition of bacterial vaginosis (BV).

If this schemata helps you, go for it, but, microbiologically, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.


Isnt it easier to remember the six gram +ve bugs knowing that the rest are -ve?

2 cocci: Strep and Staph

2 spore forming: Bacillus and Clustridium

2 non spore forming: Corynbacterium and Listeria


Ifound it hard to remember all bacterial what is the importent bacteria i must concentrate on?heelp


Ifound it hard to remember all bacterial what is the importent bacteria i must concentrate on?heelp

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