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 OCD VS obsessive personality?  

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whats the difference btw OCD and obsessive compulsive personality? I read it in kaplan's psych but didnt get it :/


OCD- obsessive toughts that provoke anxiety that s relieved by compulsive behavior ex: thoughts of leaving the door open-> checking if the door is closed several times a day,patient realises that the behavior is excessive ,but he cannot help it
Obsessive compulsive personality disorder-is a life long pattern
the person is very strict, follows the rules exactly...


Thanks for clarifying that creative!


Also I want to add that OCD seeks medical treatment and the patients knows that
the thoughts (obsessions) are intrusive. Since compulsions are time-consuming the social/occupational function is imapired. This fact may be presented in the question that the patient was fired from work, or does not go to work or does not go to school any more.
However, obsessive personality disorder does not seek medical treatment and does not believe that he/she has a problem and thinks that the behaviours are normal and social/occupational function is not impaired. The person goes to university or workplace like ordinary people.


so OCD are more egodystonic correct?


Yes, since OCD patients are egodystonic they come to psychiatry clinics to receive treatment. But personality disorders are egosyntonic.


thanks! smiling face


Major difference is lack of insight in Obsessive personalities and presence of insight in OCD.


My name is Alex I suffer from OCD 7 years, the problem arose when I was in high school, it is impossible for me to function normally in life now is my situation improved in contrast to 2006, I take drugs and go to great psychiatrist, I live in Serbia.
OCD is we created another problem which is that I remained a virgin because of the OCD, I was afraid that if I go out with a girl at a meeting in front of it that I do a forced action, I do not know how to overcome this problem because I have OCD remains virgin.

Help me please

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