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only PD can say 100 % Correct answer man...looking at your profile i feel you have good chances being a recent graduategrin...try building your profile more...good lucksmiling face


Hey guys count me in:
89 / 99 / CS 2nd attempt / 7 months USCE / 7 US LORs grin 2 from Neuro / need visa / No IVs!


how much of a factor does needing a visa play?

I applied to neuro and prelim IMs. no interviews.

99/99/pass 250s on both steps. canadian citizen. all rotations in the US. good lors.

rejected from indiana univ, univ of connecticut/hartford hospital - both neuro

also rejected from creighton prelim IM. but my friend got an invite from their categorical. his scores 92/83/pass. shes a US citizen.

what happens if u get rejected from a programs prelim and then apply to their cat? do they look at ur app again?

anyone know of people who got into neuro needing a visa? its scary already


Any replies from program directors??? getting really tense !!!


Nope...silent inbox...confused


93/99/1st attempt, GC

Neurologist trained overseas+3 years experience
graduate from neurology in 2004 worked until dec 2007, few presentations and case report

currently doing an observership in neuro ( 2 US LOR not uploaded yet EEEK! )

NO IV so far feeling so bad, am I too old?


Rejection UW and UVa!


@theirony...are these cat or adv programs?


great creds yasmine....good luck...nod


Categorical mad


Hey folks, How is the residency trail coming along?
Here are my IV/rejections so far:

Neuro: IV-SUNY upstate, UMDNJ Cooperhealth Rej-Yale
Prelim: IV-Saint vincent, toledo Rej- Lincoln, Saint Lious MO, Basset Coopertown


Can you post your credentials?


Ok guys I am aiming for neuro as well and silence is killing me ! No response from any big names!

Steps: 99/99/cs (250s 1st attempt)
cred: MD (tehran, Iran) 2005, PhD Neuro (uni of Toronto, year4)
15 + publications
Observership, Mass General!
No US experience, Canadian PR

Already 3 rejection :

1) Uni Virginia
2) Uni Maryland
3) Wash U st Louise


Any info about transitional year in sinai grace hospital - detroit med center? I just got an IV from there but not from Neuro!


How about texas tech university neuro?


This thread seems crazy busy grin

What if you get matched to an advanced program and you couldn't get a prelim position?


hi everyone, does any one know about us lor? all my friends without us lor have not got any iv yet!disapproval
i wonder if it is that important?


Hi guys, has anyone heard from Loyola?



hi..yet to give all steps. applying for 2013 match. (plan to finish everything by next september)

US Img- no visa needed. did med school in india. currently in internhip year.

5 months electives. (Hemat, Cardio, Pulmonary, neuro, sleep medicine)

4 LORs. 1 very strong.

plan to do 3 more months of electives.

wont be applying with step 3.

No research. sad Will not have time to do research.

any suggestions?


Hey guys, any body knows one year post graduate training required for neurology residency should be only in medicine or it could be in surgery or transitional.


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