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98/227 99/235


no step3, visa required


Thanks buddy. my credentials: 99/99/cs pass/88. currently working as research ass on migraine and stroke. 2 strong US lors. 2009 graduate. visa status H1B.
lets hope for best.


@masoomd, ur scores r superb, congrats. am sure u will get many ivs.smiling face

@docjay, wow superb scores....smiling face

seems am the only one applying to neuro with such low scores and even 1 cs attempt. sad hope atleast amgs would have scores similar to me wink


'Neuro not competitive'...i would not agree with it.It is as competitive or more than IM(only 4 -max 6 positions, advance and prelimn). PD see your genuine interest and effort towards neuro. such as publications,obse,presenatations,research etc...I feel in this way by looking at the trendnod, Might be i am wrong...confused
If you have real interest in one will stop you though!!!grin


@ pivanserin, do u think neuro is more competitive than im? now am scaredsad do u think an img with low scores and cs attempt holds any chance?


although my interest towards neuro is genuine, have no research or USCE. sad but yes i have home country neuro work experience of 6 months. shocked


@Sasi- i dont wanna discourage you at all..sorry if i am doing that.
it is my experience ..tats y i am telling you. People with contacts, great lors,and luck..sometimes overcomes everythinggrin....
I didnt say that you should have high scores...scores requirement for neuro is on the down side compared to IM...SO NO WORRIES.nod..
BUT...Neuro people see how much you are passsionate about neuro...through your application form...
I cannot judge you sasi as I didnot get residency,I do not know 100%confused...all these are my i cannot judge your i dont know mine firstshaking head
Put your best foot forward and go for it... perseverance, consistency and hard-work will certainly win the battle nod


@ pimvanserin, its all right, i know it is difficult for me to get matched. but wishing you all the best for your match, am sure u will get matched at a nice place. nod

i just pray that i too get matched at any place, however malignant it might be. rolling eyes

as for contacts- i do not know anyone in usa, forget about medical contacts. no one from my family has ever gone to usa or entered med school in any country for that matter.

and luck is also a thing that i lack, otherwise wont have failed cs- i had done all the encounters wonderfully and my english is also not that bad...

but yes i know i can achieve my goal bcoz i have faith in myself and am proud of myself that i have come this far without the support of anyone- neither financial nor moral. there does not exist the world impossible' in my dictionary.grin


Impressed with your wordsnod
Keep going..let me know if you need any help...i will try my best to help you..
good luck...nod


Ok I see some activity over here. That is great!!

I see people asking about PS for Prelim. Yes, it is supposed to be the same as for neuro programs.


I am not applying to the prelim IM spots in the programs where I am applying for neurology except for a few places. Some advanced programs tell you to apply to their prelim IM program after they extend you an Interview.


I need some help folks. Are there any IMG friendly programs in texas and ohio for prelim?


@ pimvanserin, thanks buddy.nod

@ umairfzl, is there some list of img friendly prelim progs too?confused


I don't know if there are any you can purchase. What I did was look at program webistes and see if they have IMGs in prelim positions.


Good Luck for tomorrow everyone!


Good Luck!


Please, count me in !
I'm newbie here ...
graduate 2007 score 94 (226) /99 (256) / CS pass 1st attempt
No USCE, Observationship 1 month, 2 US LoR

Let us hope for our best !!! Cheers


Step 2 CS first attempt
5 international publications - all in gastro
I probably applied an hour later on sept 1 that is somewhere between 9 , 9 .30 , do you think that is going to affect adversely?


@nrbhatt. I dont think so applying after 1 hour makes any long as your application is strong.smiling face
so no worries..grin
hope for the best ..GLnod

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