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Hi there,

All those applying for Neurology this year gather here. Lets share and learn from each others experience.


Lets start making IMG friendly list.


hi, can u guys describe ur usce?


1 year research, 3 months of Externship in neuro


oh wow , thats great! how did u get into an externship? do u have a gc? and where did u do that?


no i am on a visitor visa. But my research involves evaluation patients by neurological exam. I had to pull some strings to get it. Its not something official.


Welcome back!


Hey Inga, Of all the places, you find me here. :P


Hi Guys...let me add myself here--who is applying to neurology..smiling face


I am going for neuro.


Am having a hard time selecting programs for Prelim IM that are IMG friendly.


tats true..sadshaking head


hey, am to applyin to neuro.
i am am img (90/awaiting scores/cs failed once), 2011 grad
best of luck guys, may we all get matched.


Hey have you guys purchased any img friendly lists and how many progs u all r applyin to?
I come from a very humble background and hence wud be applying to only about 50 neuro and 20 im prelim spots. am applying exclusively to neuro, as it is the place where my heart rests smiling face
do u think it is sufficient to get matched for someone with not so good creds like me?rolling eyes


50 Neuro programs can be sufficient if you picked the programs wisely. I am not so sure about the 20 prelim spots though. I am thinking of applying to around 40 prelim spots. Although I am having trouble shortlisting the prelim IM programs.


50 is too less....even i am having hard time making prelim list... how about PS for prelim? will it be same as for neurology?


i have the same question...PS for prelimn...can some one reply???/


@ umairfzl, yes i have gone through the websites carefully smiling face r u guys applying to the prelim positions at all the places u r applying for advanced neuro?

@ docjay, may be if i do not get sufficient neuro ivs, will apply to 10 more progs. sad actually this whole process is just so expensive....mad

@ docjay and pimavanserin, PS should be the same although am not very sure confused


what are the chances of matching without a usce?


considering neuro being not as competitive as im, pretty high chances of matching with out usce. more if u have high scores. smiling face what r ur scores?

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