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 We shall overcome  

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starting some work, then after 1 hr 15 min will start ccs


Ok, so work took time; now for 5 min break and then start CCS


Wierd, so in real life we counsel patients at the timeof getting critical lab tests to tell about possibilities, but it seems the software does not want us to counsel pts at first visit; or the case ends early.

Also, patient coming to ER place everything stat even after admitting (because software reporting times are very slow even for stat ones: ex: stat head CT takes 3 hours!!!)

I forgot to cancel patient's home medications
Forgot to make NPO/Diet orders/ambulation/dvt: imprtant to change these daily and on discharge
Forgot to change location
Forgot to vhange location again- get caught up; once critical labs done and location clear wards vs icu --> tx patient
Forgot to order VS q 1/ 4 hours

** it is challenging to do the 10 min cases. I am running out of time
esp counselling needs to be very focused: first specific, then general preventive care

Note: on chart
counseling points
home meds deleted
symptoms needing meds

peds cases- need to know milestones, vaccines, tachypnea/tachycardia criteria for age

On papaer: will write for each case:
Other:ABC, Diet, Placement, Monitors, I/O, Fluids, Counselling, Consults, Vaccines, Screening, imaging, Pain, Antibiotics, bHCG ...
admit pts:diet, activity, dvt ppx, serial labs- example accuchecks every 8 hours

vaccines and preventive care should be done last in 2 minute screen
Diet, activity, any smoking/alcohol/medication side effects and compliance come first and any other specific details

COunsel pt once imp tests done and time to admit

Edited by malinidoc on Feb 29, 2012 - 8:21 PM


Done with 3 CCS cases
2 more done; if this is what happens on a light day how will I study on busy days?

Edited by malinidoc on Feb 28, 2012 - 9:30 PM


25 pages of gyn to be read now
then in am have 20 ob pages left


great going malini...ccs is with lots of explanation..takes time...and 10 min cases r challenging I hv heard though not encountered yet...


so went to sleep and then work all day.
did not read obgyn
will nap now then resume CCS


woke up and ate.time to hit ccs


finished 2 cases. Will do one more


Done with Case 3
pushed myself to do the fourth one
TIme to sleep

Edited by malinidoc on Feb 29, 2012 - 10:21 PM


need to do one more case and 12 MTB pages- and CK 30 pages
From tomorrow will need to start reading IM+peds+PSych+OBGYN related to work
PLus surgery/peds/OBGYN some more to complete 30 CK pages/day
probably will need about 2 hours for such CK reading,
1 hour for MTB
and 2 hours for about 3-4 CCS cases.


It may be prudent to start the day with CCS. That means waking up really early. But will try.


2 ccs cases done for today. Will do theory 35 pg now and 2 readout cases, with 12 pg MTB


So since I will need to report to work at 6:00 am tomorrow onwards; I will stick to 25 pages of CK+ 10 of MTB and 2 CCS cases a day. This, to prevent being overwhelmed.


time to read. busy day


Ok Journal, its my last lap of prep.
I turn to you for soul searching, to find my strength and determination.

Got done with OBGYN KLN- sans last 2 chapters in this last lap
Goal is to do mtb+ ck kln+ uw: all two times
work stays hard- so balancing is the key.

Have started surgery- will finish that and obgyn-


done with Surgery and OBGYN KLN
Done with MTB Psy and UW MCQ for PSY
Almost done with CCS workshop
NOW for today- finish CCS workshop+ have 5-6 pages surgery left from KLN
Finish psy 20 q explanation left+CCS psy from UW+ 1.5 hour of Some work stuff
Peds MTB
May4- 2 hr work stuff.
finish peds/ UW MCQ and CCS+OBGYN + surg then MTB OBGYN and Surg
May 5,6,7,8- IM KLN, MTB, UW MCQ AND CCS+ read CCS notes
10/11- non-IM revise
11/12- IM revise


So finished kln surgery started MTB surgery
Done with psy UW CCS and MCQ and MTB;
tomorrow- MTB sx/obgyn/peds f/b MCQ UW f/b CCS.
The good thing is that following sequence of CCS last subjectwise makes explanations for CCS faster


OK so done with MTB surgery, OBGYN; did UW mcq for those, time for explanations, CCS, and in between read for peds


Done with OBGYN explanations,
and Peds MTB.
Noew onto questions for Peds.
In am everyday- will do 2 hrs CCS
Tomorrow; surgery CCS followed by OBGYN CCS
And peds UW MCQ with explanations in evening
During the day and night- will read IM Rheum

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