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 We shall overcome  

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I am beginning my step 3 prep, and this will be my daily log.
I work full time, so need this to be my buddy.
Goal for July 1- finish heme-onc from IM


could not finish anything, have to leave for work at 5am tomorrow, will read heme onc tomorrow,


Ok, heme-onc done from MTB only so far, will read KLN heme-onc and then premier review.
To be finished today


whatever happened to the DAILY loggrin


Ok, so got very busy with a busy work schedule, The next three months are relatively better. and I have a deadline for Step3, meaning my promotion is dependent on it.
Prep material: USMLEWORLD MCQ and CCS, Kaplan Q book for step 3, MTB and Kaplan notes for CK and probably step 3.
Assessment tools: NBME 2
Feb: Kaplan notes all and CCS, MTB
March: Qbook and USMLEworld MCQ, MTB, revise CCS
April: revise all, including CCS, USMLE CD and NBME,
TAkE EXAM last week of april.


will read CK OBstretics today; then 5 CCS cases.
Key is not to get distracted by multiple other study sources available

Edited by malinidoc on Feb 11, 2012 - 9:24 AM


Only one case done so far
reading some ob now


my brain tires out too soon ! funny how i can work 30 hours straight but cannot read 2 hours straight.


Hey malinidoc,

which residency are you doing? If its IM or FM that should help with step 3 right?

Are you watching any videos? Are you using Swanson Family medicine book or just Kaplan notes? Which Q bank are u using?

I am about to start my step3....


Hey, I am doing IM residency. Well an exam is an exam and w ehave to read for it. CCS is a bit easier because of residency. NO videos, will read Swanson's for geriatrics and sport med.
I will do UW qbank only


I lost my diary with Step3 notes.
This is annoying


done with ck obstretics


@malinidoc: Hey malini, for obs which one is better ck kaplan or step3..without looking for step3 kaplan, is it ok to move ahead?


Ihi don't have time to read step 3 books, so will stick with CK


goal for today is to do 10 CCS cases and MTB OBGYN
tomorrow will revise this week's progress


wow..gr8 target..when is ur xm?best luck.


15 may


good luck to you too


So, slept like a baby during the last two days.
Seems like I need scheduled breaks,
will plan on 30 pages CK notes+4 CCS cases+ 12 MTB pages/day for 6 days followed by 1 day complete break,


then, usmleworld and Qbook for step 3
all above in 2 months
followed by revision in 2 weeks and then exam
God help me

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