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pls help me to select 1.either csevideo or uworld or any thing.
2. which book is enough to mug up for cs .


I used, fA book, and i had find gud skype people too. i gave my exam at huston center adm i passed/ this is my things i used gud luck to you


stressed_img wrote:
I used, fA book, and i had find good skype people too. i gave my exam at huston center and i passed/ these are my things i used good luck to you


i used csevideo first aid match this program i hire tutor in last days before exam to guide me for fianl prep tutor says i did well and to follow protocol of csevideo and take exam yesterday in chicago i am a little worried but mostly confident if you wnat to know of exam outline exact as they do it in real exam you must see csevideo is very much like exam but alos please use live sp to practice all cases with csevideo outline for differnt encounter needs.


im take cs for 2nd time and at stressedimg i used that program and they skrewed me up pretty bad, they take so long to do the pe i went over in each case becasue i was studpid enough to think i could do a 10 pe in 5 min. when i walked in i was so unsure as to wether i should wash myhands or not that i felt lost in most of the cases anyway i dont recommend them not unless your gonna study for the cs for like a year.

maria where do you get csevideo and what is it?

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