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 my chances for 2012 match  

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hi !!!
I am an img requiring visa , my yog is 2007
step 1 - 85
step 2 - 81
step 3 - 84 (2and attempt)
1 yr of hands on clinical experience in usa as externships in family med.
chances of residency in 2012 in family medicine ???


Your chances are probably higher than mine since you are ECFMG Certified, and have taken step 3.

I, on the other hand.

Step 1- 78 (first attempt)
Step 2 ck -88 (first attempt)
Step 2cs - pass (first attempt)
no research background.
Community services +
about to finish medical school
2 years US clinical experience
Caribbean medical student


I am IMG with yog 2007
step-1 99
step-2 ck 86
step-2 cs pass
step-3 80
all on first attempt with more than 1 year of externship in usa and more than 1 year externship in canada in family and 6months in neurology and 4 months in internal medicine
i need visa


Hi everyone,
I am a 2003 grad, with scores of step 1-80 second attempt/ step 2 CK-81 first attempt, CS pass first attempt, step 3-77 third attempt, 4 yrs of work experience in India, about 4 yrs of USCE which includes research, observership and externship in a private practice in Los Angeles. I applied for 3 consecutive years but still didn't get any IVs from anywhere in US. I was hoping IV from the hospital I was working with. One was highly competitive and with the other, the reason was my lack of having a PTAL in CA. I am living in a different state now. Will again apply this yr in Phoenix. This yr is different as I have a GC now. I feel scared and disappointed.
Any inputs would be highly appreciated.


hello there,thank you for posting your experience.Don't give up and keep trrying to get contacts and improve cv ,goodluck with this years match.
can't help but see you are in phoenix,is it Arizona Phoenix?I am a 2001 grad img in phoenix,AZ and just finish step 1 and studying for step 2 now,aiming for next years match so you are better of then me with yog and is your score from the new or the old system?if you don't mind me asking.

thank you


oh and what is PTAL?



What is your three digit score?

Nobody can predict your outcome especially when they dont know who is writing u letters, who are your contacts, how much clinical experience, publications etc...

Just go into match with confidence and give it your best shot

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