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 impossible is nothing but surgery  

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hi guys
iam new to the forum i am an img graduated 3 years ago i am currently in the us i passed step 1 with 252/99 score and iam preparing for the step ck i will take the exam in august , iam interested in general surgery i have 2 LOR from us surgeons one from cardiovascular surgeon and the other from a general surgeon what r my chances in general surgery , what your advise , thanks in advance .


Hi, I feel you will also have a high score on CK as well, this will put your application on top of other applicants trying for surgery. The reasons giving you advantage are the surgery US LORs you already have from one side and being a new graduate from the other side. IMGs usually match in the programs listed in the applicantguide website lists. In general, you have to apply to surgey widely and to whatever prelim surgery positions these programs have as well. Most Imgs with low profiles will match i prelim surgery then will get either pgy 1 categorical next year or will be offered pgy2 as those AMGs discover that they don't want surgery. You may also consider applying to another specialty as backup to increase your match chances as in IM or FM. You may email me for any further questions.


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