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 Organ Donation  

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On page 45, there is an example of a 45 y/o woman in a motor vehicle accident and is brain dead and you want to ask the family for an organ donation. The book goes on to says that you should get the "organ donor network" to approach the family. Blah blah blah....
I am ok with this.

My issue with this one is no where does it say that the patient is a registered organ donor.

Is it implied that the patient is a registered organ donor (otherwise we would not be discussing organ donations)?

Or can a patient's family choose to donate the patient's organs without the patient previously registering as an organ donor in some way?

In other words, if I am in a motor vehicle accident tomorrow and become brain dead. I have never registered to be an organ donor in anyway, for or against. My entire family agrees that they want to donate my organs to help others. Would the hospital legally/ethically be able to accept the donation without my prior consent?


That is the constraint in the law. I may have my own opinion in this situation but can not influence the law. I think family members should have the right to make the decision for an non registered donor


There is no necessity to have organ donation card for donation. If after brain death family agrees, donation can be done.


I think too you know. The family must decide. Then it is legitimate and the procedure can be put in motion. As in the movie 21 grams.

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