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 remembering the bacteria  

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V I R -Valves that are Injured or Replaced

D-dental work.

A-adherence biofilm.
N-normal flora of oral cavity

S-subacute endocarditis



NO-no toxins known.

C-cavity lesions....

A-aerobic/ acid fast but partial.....

R-rods that branch

D-draining subcutaneous abscesses..

I-immunocompromised individuals prone

A- airborne implantation




S-Slime layer

E-Ecthyma gangrenosum

D-Drug resistance common

O-Odour of grapes

M-Most in cystic fibrosis and meningitis...

O-Oxidase positive

N-Negative gram

A-Adp ribosylation of EF-2

S-Septicemia and Shock in (S)moked that is burns patient.



F-facultative intracellular in reticuloendothelial cells..

R-rabit skinning

A- aerosols when skinning rabbits

N-negative for gram.

C-coccoid appearence/chancriniform lesion/

I-injestion of Infected meat

S-serodiagnosis done and Streptomycin is the DOC

E-enlarged ulcer with a black base

L-live vaccine


A-arkansas and missouri states



B-bordet-gengou media

O-oxygen requiring

R-rods /regan-lowe media

D-DTap vaccine(

E-edema caused by adenylate cyclase toxin

T-tracheal cytotoxin

E-endotoxin with A and B components and OM component

L-lymphocyctosis promoted/lowered blood glucose

L-low immunity at birth

A-adp ribosylation of Gi protein//Audible whoop/attachment factor namely filamentous hemagglutinins and pertactin



MYCO- MulberrY shaped Colonies with Oil(sterol)

PL - Pneumonia with LEgs (walking pneumonia)

A- Atypical pneumonia

S- surface parasite/Sterols in membranes

M-missing peptidoglycan

A-attachment to rs epithelia via P1 protein/azithromycin used for treatment



G-good organism normally/gray colored fluid from vagina

A-antibiotic therepy predisposes to infection


D-discharge of thin gray fluid

N-negative for grams,oxidase and catalase.


R-Rotten odor(fishy odor)

E-elevated ph levels in vagina

L-Lots of forms(pleomorphic)

L-lue cells (clue)/lindamycin(clindamycin)

A- amine like odor


somebody should at least reply and tell me if these post are beneficialrolling eyes if they are then i would post them down for all the bacteriasmiling face


good job tarunnod
u covered all the major points of these bacterias!!
good lucksmiling face


@punu6 thanks a lot punu

would try and post about all the bacteria i know about.

happy to help

tarun smiling face



C-curved rods


P-polar flagella/Poultry

Y-y shaped flagella... the gull wing flagella reminds me of alphabet Y

L-low infectious dose

O-oxidase postive

B-BLoody stools/Barre syndrome/also B stands for Bad...bad is a negative

A-abdominal pain

C-Campy medium

T-ten stools per day


R-reactive arthritis





L-lymphoma/Lophotrichous flagella


C-Campy agar

O-oxidase positive

B-bacillus/bismuth/Bad hence negative

A-Ag staining/Amoxy


T-triple therapy

E-urEase positive

R-Rapid downward shift to neutral ph.


Hey, these are helpful nod

Keep up the good job !!


Nicely done. Well thought out and really helpful. Could add 'Temperature - grows at 42 degrees' (or something along those lines) to Campylobacter.


Although there are a few points under Helicobacter's B already you could also add 'Breath test - C labelled urea in, ammonia out'.

Hope you don't mind me suggesting add-ons. smiling face


really helpful. thanks


awesome job smiling face


Really helpful keep up ur good worksmiling face


this is really good and smart of you

thank you genius smiling face

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