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 4 months, 2 exams, 1 goal....  

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the long weekend brought too much fun.....had a family friends wedding to attend, brother was in town with his wasnt able to get any studying done....but surgery is complete.....psych is the actually studying begins!!!! 32 blocks of internal medicine we go....

Agenda for 7/7/11: 4 blocks + explanations of Internal Med


go for it man ...u will do it ISA nod

On Jul 13, 2011 - 1:10 AM, StepPrep21 responded:
insh'Allah. the support is much appreciated....seriously.....


Great job!
Keep going!

On Jul 13, 2011 - 1:11 AM, StepPrep21 responded:
thanx for the support and motivation.....


26 tests IM tests left to do plus 2 tests that are already complete but havent been thru the explanations.......*sigh*

--- will update my progress later more sleep for the next 17 days....


completed 5 IM tests. 54%. 54%. 34% sad 63% 70% ===> average 55%......the 34% test really shot me down.....15 out of 44 correct? really??? i have a bad habit of switching my answers....i need to stick with my gut and not overthink....iv gotten thru explanations for 1 of those 5 tests so far....but i plan on not sleeping for the next lets see how productive i can be......ideally i wanna get thru explanations for the remaining 4 tests. then take another 5 blocks and hopefully get thru 3-4 explanations of those 5 blocks by the time i sleep........but we shall see where the road takes me.....


p.s. the reason its taking me so long to go thru explanations is because im taking notes......thus far iv taken 64 pages worth of notes.....double thats like 128 pages.....18 pages for peds. 13 for OB/Gyn. 12 for surgery. 4 for psych. and 17 pages so far for IM (6 tests reviewed thus far)......i honestly dont kno if i shud continue to take notes, or stop and just actively read the explanations.....i have sooooo much left to do and not enough time.....i guess i need to make sleep my enemy for the time being......


i am consistently getting 56-62% on IM med questions on uworld......wth do exam is only 2 weeks away sad


as a last resort of freaking out....i have officially extended my test date until August 15th, kinda pissed that i had to do that because ill get caught in the delayed score reporting.....its just my luck....last year when i took my step 1 exam, they just implemented new changes as well and i had to wait a few extra weeks for my score report as well....but nonetheless i can take a brief sigh of relief knowing i have 15 extra days to work with although i start my Internal Med rotation on i will have to balance work and the books......the obstacles never stop!! but thru the grace and mercy of Allah, i shall succeed inshAllah!


i had extended my date again until august 22nd instead of the 15th.....but it was well worth it, bc i got my score back.... 218/93 smiling face Alhumdulillah. Thank u to those who prayed for me and gave me support and offered words of encouragement, they helped a lot. if any1 has any questions feel free to ask


Congratulations Doc!!!


thanx grazie smiling face best of luck on ur exam!

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4 months, 2 exams, 1 goal....
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