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 4 months, 2 exams, 1 goal....  

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Mission: Complete Step 2 CS and CK in time to apply for the 2012 Match

Objective: Study for CS alongside preparation for a 90+ on CK

CS: June 17th, 2011 (Chicago)
CK: Eligibilty Period - June-July-August 2011 (Date TBD)

- I'm pretty much losing sleep on a nightly basis over these exams, which leads to an irregular circadian rhythm, which leads to ineffective studying. I'm shooting myself in the foot and I kind of don't know how to get myself to relax and just stay focused with a clear mind. Hopefully this journal will relieve some of the anxiety I am feeling and keep me motivated.

- I've completed my first read of Internal Medicine (don't remember anything :/ ), and I'm halfway thru my first read of Pediatrics. Next is OB.GYN, then surgery, finishing out with psych....My target is to finish my first read by March 30th so I can start UW in April while simultaneously doing my 2nd read. UW is something I did, but not well enough, for step 1, and it proved to be a costly error. I passed step1 on my first attempt, but with a pretty low score :/ (hence the added pressure/anxiety/stress of doing well on step 2) But this time I plan on focusing most of my time with a review book (I've settled on MTB for Step 3; I know there is one out for step 2, but people have been using Step 3, and it's work, so why fix something that's not broken...) and UW.

- Scheduling time to study for CS is proving to be an issue. I don't like starting something without finishing it. I feel like I can do much better on CS if I take a few weeks away from CK studying to strictly focus on CS, but because I also feel that I can't afford to give up so much time not studying for CK, I am going to attempt to step outside of my comfort zone and attempt to study simultaneously.

- I will provide a weekly objective list and daily progress notes for those who want to follow my path...just be sure not to follow my footsteps....make your own.....your steps may be bigger and better than mine....

- Feel free to post comments/concerns/questions!

- For those applying to the 2012 match as well, I hope you all are studying well, and I wish all of you the best of luck!


Was my mom's birthday today, so didn't get much done, only a few 5 more pages, i will have gotten thru 16 chapters and will call it a night.

Agenda for 3/18/11: Chapters 17-21 of Peds (55pgs)


All the best...we are in the same boat...we will do it


@study499: thanx for motivation smiling face r u studying for both exams as well? when are you planning on giving them? would you be interested in skyping for CS cases one to two days a week?

--- As of right now, i have 15 more pages (neurology of peds) to finish to complete todays agenda....getting lazy tho.....we shall see where the night takes me.....

----Agenda for 3/19/11: FINISH PEDS!!! smiling face


unexpected day off today.....spent the day with my 7month old nephew who is going back home to ohio tomorrow sad

----Agenda for 3/20/11: finish peds!


Was the longest 60 pages of my life, but i finished pediatrics which officially brought me to the half way point of my first read....(approx number of kaplan LN pages is 1400.....iv completed IM...400pgs....and now peds....300pgs....leaving me with 700 to go smiling face )

----Agenda for 3/21/11: Start OB/GYN....... i had a pretty decent ob/gyn rotation, so i hope this read will b quick smiling face


been saddled with other priorities as of late and i haven't been able to get any studying done but tomorrow is a new day......

-Agenda for 3/23/11: OB chapters 1-9


Schedule to Complete the rest of my first read...

3/23: OB chapters 1-9
3/24: OB chapters 10-18 + Gyne chap 1
3/25: Finish Gyn
3/26: Catch up/Break Day
3/27: Surgery chapters 1-3 + correlating vignettes
3/28: Surgery chapters 4-9 + correlating vignettes
3/29: Finish surgery
3/30: Catch up/Break Day
3/31: Psych chapters 1-13
4/1: Psych chapters 14-20 + Epidemiology chapter 1
4/2: Finish epidemiology

----since i have already completed peds and IM....that wud bring me to the conclusion of my first read smiling face

Tasks remaining after 1st read :
----Second read
----UWorld + UWSA
----MTB for Step3
----FA Q&A????
----CS studying


finished OB and the first 2 chapters of gyn.....glad i schedule a catch up day.....

agenda for 3/26/11: finish gyne!


running behind schedule as always....just finished ob/gyn.....gonna try to my best to finish surgery and psych by Saturday tho...

Agenda for 3/29/11: read as much of surgery as possible!


i have been M.I.A. for 3 months but now i am back with very little progress. my life took me on a little joy ride. kept me distracted, but now with all of that behind me i hope to focus on the tasks ahead of me which are as follows: CS - June 17th ( 5 days away!!!!)..... CK - July 30th (6 weeks after CS)

As far as my progression goes:
-First Kaplan read complete with most additions made into MTB
- 2nd read completed for OB/GYN
- 20% of uworld complete (only i have not gone thru explanations yet)
- Completed First Aid for CS (in the process of revising as many times as i can)

Goals to achieve:
- Kill Step 2 CS
- Second read of Internal Medicine (i feel that MTB + uworld will be enough for me to review Peds, Surgery, and i dont think i will be doing a second read for those...altho Peds is still on the table.....we will see)
- Complete Uworld once with explanations in two weeks!!! (is it possible?? i shall find out) (p.s. going thru it subject wise, untimed)
- Complete Uworld again in 2 weeks (Timed, random) while reviewing notes and MTB
- Review the shit outta MTB
- Free 3 blocks from usmle website

***** Agenda for 6/13/11
- 2 uworld blocks plus explanations (6 hours)
- CS cases 1-10 (5 hours)
- MTB review for correlating uworld blocks (2 hours)


been battling a fever......was only able to complete 1 block of explanations and did some light reviewing for CS

****Agenda for 6/14/11:
- Review CS cases
- 2 blocks of uworld explanations
- MTB review


OB/GYNE is officially COMPLETE (2 reads of kaplan with additions into MTB + all of uworld questions with explanations!!) smiling face ......4 more subjects to go!!!

-Agenda for 6/16/11: My CS exam is on the 17th, so i will utilize this day entirely for CS. insh'Allah (God Willing) i do well....cant wait to have this tedious exam out of the way so i can focus on the real beast (CK) obstructing me from a stress free life......well almost.....the match process will b stressful....but the hard parts will b over....


good luck stepPrep21 for CS and u will surely do great....nod
will be praying for you...


CS is over....dont really know what to make of it....hopefully i passed.....but its in the past now, can only focus on the task ahead of me which is CK. 6 weeks left. Do Or Die.

p.s. thanx for the motivation and the prayers doc2002


did 2 uworld blocks for peds, no explanations yet

6/20/11 agenda:
- Kaplan Peds chapters 1-8
- 1 more uworld block for peds plus explanations for the 3 blocks completed

*may Allah make the difficult easy for me


completed 3 blocks, 2 with explanation, for peds. kaplan peds is off the schedule. need to spend more time on uworld and MTB and my uworld notes.

tomorrows agenda:
- complete explanations from yesterday
-Complete new 3 blocks + explanations

....i hope to have peds, surgery (1 day), and psych (1 day) done by this saturday....leaving IM ( 32 blocks) :/

.....i hope i can pick up the pace and get 4 blocks done in 1 day when it comes to IM


hey ..good to see you here friend ..wish u all the best...and THIS IS SPARTA again ...u will ace it nod


i am a full day behind schedule :/ but today is an early start.....

6/24/2011 Agenda:
- Complete explanations for 4 blocks (tests have already been taken, just hafta go over explanations now)

......completing today's agenda will have me finished with Peds and it will leave me semi satisfied with my progress.....

@bedwandoctor: indeed THIS IS SPARTA!!!! lol good to know i have recurrent readers.....but thanx for ur well gonna need every ounce of it....


extremely behind schedule as always.....Peds is officially in the books along with Ob/Gyn......

Agenda for 6/29/11: Start and finish Surgery.

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