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 answer to this q please ???  

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an ICU patient has an intraarterial canula placed after cardiac surgery to monitor SBP . 24 h SBP values are recorded over a period of 6 hours with a max. value of
141 mmHg and a min. value of 96 mmHg . if the next SBP recording is 200 mmHg ,
which of the following remain unchanged???

e.standard deviation




support here:


please explain the answer in ur own words....mode,,, does we mean that the two extra values on both sides hav no effect on mode ?


mode is resistant to outliers,the values that show extreme deviation


refer FA 2010 page 55....mode is value that occurs more no of times, if one value is high it wont effect


why mode this best question


Mode is the value that repeats more. If the cannula is inserted and records a lot of values within the range 96-141 mmHg, a new value of 200 mmHg is certainly an outlier. Mean and SD are very sensitive to outliers, the median is more robust, the range for sure is changed because of this new MAX value.

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